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“Life is good” is a simple statement, but a little more difficult to digest than one would hope. Life may not appear to be good to you, right now, or ever. But, life was created to be good, peaceful, harmonious, and prosperous. You do not have to look too far to see beauty in almost everything you see in nature. So, why then do we have so much trouble verbalizing these three words? I sometimes feel as if I have to choke them out of myself in the morning—before my meditation.

Some therapists would say that we must admit our problems and feel them deeply. Feel it! Grieve in it! Punch a pillow! Yadda yadda yadda. You know what? I have done plenty of grieving for any one lifetime. I have decided to drop out of the “School of Grief” and pay full-tuition to join the College of “LIFE IS GOOD!”

Recently, I realized that my morning prayer sounded as if I was pleading with the Universe to please give me what I needed! It was a big AHA moment for me to look around me and see birds fed, ducks swimming effortlessly, trees flourishing. Were they asking for anything from the universe?

In that moment, I had a flashback of when I was a child. What came up for me was this: When I was 12 years old, and my mother had been gone from the home for about three years, there were still five other siblings left at home. When we would run out of groceries, one of us children would have to ask my father for money.

My father never offered to give us money to go grocery shopping. Generally, I was the one responsible for this, even though I was second to the youngest. When I asked him, he would dig into his pocket, groan, and then throw the money on the floor for me to pick up, like a friggin’ dog! That was my first conception of asking from a parent for what I need. No wonder I feel like I have to beg the universe.

As soon as I realized that I was treating Unlimited Source like it was my angry and frugal father, I actually felt as if my body began to release this tired, old way of thinking and asking. I know it is a gradual movement for me toward letting go completely, but I have been doing my work in the school of “Life is Good,” so I believe I’m taking a new course with a brand new understanding of life.

Perhaps, you, too, have had an experience in your past that has caused you to believe that there isn’t enough for you, or there will not be enough for you in the future. It would be a great idea to uncover that old way of thinking, so that you can move on from it to your prosperity and your good life.

Join this College of “Life is Good with me.” Say to the universe, “What I see in the world is not tragedy on the news, but beautiful, harmonious, and loving nature all around me. I want to join in THIS ENERGY.

Then, resign from your old way of thinking—the old thoughts, the old school, and the old memories. Those old thoughts have taught you enough about negativity. Let’s get in a school of pure positivity now!

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