Life Is not a Dress Rehearsal—So, When Do We Get to Rehearse?

Life Is not a Dress Rehearsal—So, When Do We Get to Rehearse?

The answer: Everyday.

Every situation allows us the opportunity to learn our lessons so that the next time we are faced with a situation that is similar, we can know better how to treat ourselves and others around us.

Today was a reflective day—a little cold and cloudy, raining most of the day, which always pulls me inward. I recognized that I had been holding on to a great deal of anger for a particular person in my life. Because of the nature of anger, it affects everyone around me, even the people I love. So, it’s very important that I tend to my need to deal with the problem facing me today.

Dealing with anger is similar to dealing with grief. One thing you cannot do is run away from it. You have to face it head on and speak to it. “What can I do to make you go away? What lesson do you have to teach me, Anger?”

As I muddled through the feelings and the above questions, I noticed that the anger I’m feeling toward this particular person is a lot deeper than just him. It went back to every person in my life who I had allowed to treat me the same way.

In my mind I placed them all in a row. (My father was even in this picture.) I began to share with them how I felt. I start to take my power back from them, both emotionally and physically. In a dream it may appear to you like this: You stand in front of each person, speak your truth, then place your hand on each heart as you look into the eyes of each offender, until you feel as if you have extracted your personal value back.

Your vision doesn’t have to look like mine. It can be something different. You can cut an umbilical cord that connects you to each person. You can take something that you still physically own of each person’s and burn it in a fire. That’s a strong symbol.

The subconscious mind works with symbols, it’s important to know. So, it doesn’t matter if you actually talk to the person or not. Symbolically, you change from within as you recreate your subconscious thought about each person.

You do this work over and over again until you feel relief. If you need help, you go to someone like a hypnotherapist or a therapist who can work with the subconscious mind. You will find that cognitive or traditional therapy will work, but working directly with the subconscious mind to make change is a much faster way to retrieve and exhale the negativity from your life.

Then it is important to get with people who love you and honor you. This kind of encouragement to your spirit will bring the best of you forward and leave the anger in its rightful place.

I watched some football and went to dinner with a dear friend after my meditation. I didn’t know I’d be dealing with anger today. But God did and made plans for me ahead of time. Good food and great friendships can heal some of the worst pain.

I don’t know if all of my anger is gone, but I do know this. I am ready to move forward and spend time doing positive things with positive people. I have had enough being by myself and mourning. Grieving is necessary with every loss. Anger is too. But there is a time to let go, and let God retrieve your life and set it on a new course.

And so it is!

* * *

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