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As I scanned through the news yesterday, a story about the thousands of tweets from angry “Price Is Right” viewers came through the system. Apparently, when their favorite show was preempted by an address by President Obama, they were furious. Nothing but the bombing of their own city could shake a dyed-in-the-wool Drew Carey fan. I was amazed, but not surprised. I cannot tell you how many times my own mother scoffed because her favorite television show had been taken off because of a news flash, even tornadic incidents and flash floods don’t get her attention, when a story about vampires airs. The only thing she thinks about is what happened next to her favorite characters on her favorite syndicated TV and that her carefully planned evening around television and a bowl of freshly popped corn has been interrupted.

We have to wonder what the general population feels is important these days. I got the picture clearly when I asked my mother why she starts thinking about what to have for dinner tomorrow when dinner hadn’t even been served today. Her response: “Honey, all I have left is food and television!” That response almost made me cry. I have tried to encourage her to make new friends, actually respond to invitations given her by friends for lunch and dinner and movies, but she just answers wryly, “I don’t have the money.” What she does have the money, though, for popcorn and cable, probably because I pay for it.

Getting older and confronting your own sedentary ways is huge in America right now. I know that, after a day of hard work, I most often will opt for the easiest way out—my favorite recliner in the den in front of the world’s largest television—the purchase prompted by—none other than my mom! What are we doing to ourselves? And, more importantly, being content with home, is it all that bad?

My only rationale about all of this is that when any habit, including nights at home with a glass of wine and your favorite television show, start to impede your life, you know you must make a change to become more active, especially if you avoid life and are gaining weight consistently and steadily. For instance, if one of the reasons you sit on the couch is because you have a deeply seated fear about meeting that someone special to spend your life with, then you have traded the possibility of intimacy for much less life. If you have been wanting to socialize more, but don’t seem to have the energy to make friends, you are probably depriving your life of much-needed socialization. If you are gaining weight and won’t go to the gym because you don’t have the energy, make the time for exercise, even if it’s bouncing on a fitness ball in front of the television show for an hour. You will eventually get so overweight that getting off of the couch won’t be an option, otherwise.

We don’t curl around a pillow at night in bed because it’s more comfortable to sleep that way. We curl around a pillow because we feel someone should be there to hold and caress us. We don’t drink at night or take a sedative because we have trouble sleeping. We anaesthetize because we’d rather take the easy way out then face our fears.

I have spent the last three weeks trying to balance my feeling about leaving a place I’ve called home for 25 years. Instead of taking the invitations for dinner, parties, and social events, I sit at home alone afraid of the sad emotions that would come up seeing friends that I must leave. I get it, big time. The last two evenings, I wasn’t even tired at my usual bedtime, so I took a klonapen to help me get drousy. I slept like a baby, but woke up wondering why I feel so completely alone in this big house and why my life feels as if it is on HOLD until my house sells. I know what you’re feelings.

So, I’ve decided to take the next invitations and face my fears. Let’s get real; the only way to move on with life is to slay our dragons from the past and take one step forward.


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