Life Without Expectation

If you expected no results from anything that you set out to accomplish or in any relationship, what would your life be like? You would simply do things, because you are inclined to? You would plant the seed. God would take care of growing the dream, the relationship, and the result. If you lived life like this, could you be setting your life up for a great surprise?

Disappointment comes mostly from expectation. Delight comes from trust. Think about a child on Christmas morning. Then, imagine your last relationship or project. Which picture is more likely to end in a happy result? I had a friend say to me, yesterday, “If you knew that you were going to be hurt as a result of a decision, would you make that decision anyway?”

I told him that I would avoid the hurt at all costs.

His reply, “Bo, I don’t think that you’re wired that way. You are a spiritual man who knows that, sometimes, life takes pain to get to the best result. Knowing that about yourself, would you still choose something, if you knew the result would be painful?”

This time I replied, “If the pain was in the form of relationship, I would avoid it. For all other parts of my life, I would be okay with facing hard times to get to the lesson or the good.”

My friend huffed and puffed a bit. “I don’t believe that about you at all! I think you are hard-wired to live life with one big expectation—knowing that all things are working together for Good! With that in mind, you would face what you need to face.”

I acquiesced. “I suppose you’re right. But, let me go on record and say that ‘I don’t like being hurt one bit!’”

We both laughed. No one likes hurting for any reason. No one wants to set out to do a project or a race and decide ahead of time that he will break a leg, or she will run out of money and go bankrupt in the midst of creating her life’s dream.

I remember a time when I got my first big book publishing deal. I was set to have my book launch on a day in March. I had invited 100s of friends and family, spent hundreds of dollars on food, and invited the uppity ups in the publishing world. Everyone was set to undergird my dream. However, that day, the Nashville flood happened.

I remember sitting on the porch, watching the rain destroy all the work I had done to my gardens the day before, and wondering, “What the hell, God?” The launch was ruined, not to mention most of Nashville was devastated. I couldn’t even talk about my book or rescheduling for weeks after. As a result, my book—my dream’—had a hard start. Even still, a year later, the book surprised even my publisher, hitting the New York Times Bestsellers list. But, I believe, this happened only after I let go of my expectations. Most novice writers think, if I just write a book, it will a bestseller! Writing the book is just the beginning of a long process to be famous and make money.

Most days, now, I pray believing that the biggest and best will be the result of any endeavor, even relationship. Instead of limiting Spirit to my expectation of the result, I plant the seed, create a clear vision, and then let go. In this way, I find that I’m not disappointed, and God can place in my path all that I need to be the best, learn the most, and get the ultimate in the experience.

When I release from expectation, I don’t give up. I simply exchange my limited idea of the result for God’s unlimited abundance. This is a recipe for success!

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