Like a Butterfly #transformation #butterflies #metamorphosis

Like a Butterfly
#transformation #butterflies

No living creature on earth fascinates me more than the caterpillar on its journey to become its destiny—the butterfly. What an awesome metaphor for moving toward our spiritual destiny, flying on the wings of spirit. But, as anyone knows who has asked for guidance on this spiritual journey, it’s not an easy one. Like the caterpillar starting off crawling close to the earth, our minds and bodies have a primal inclination, a preeminent surge toward the hunger of an animal, rather than a spirit having a predilection for open air and unfathomable skies. To that end, I look to the butterfly for wisdom.

The caterpillar doesn’t spend much time on earth crawling around. In fact, it’s main destiny is to find a secure place to gestate (meditate), wrapped in its own silken safety.  When it finds this place, it doesn’t ask questions, it simply waits for transformation to take place—in the silence—in the present. I have often felt the silence of a cocoon and thought, perhaps, my wings were forming, spiritually. However, when I desired to fly, I fell straight on to my face.

I once watched a butterfly eat its way out of a cocoon and then try to fly. At first, it couldn’t take flight. Actually, I had never seen a butterfly so large and beautiful. With colors from brown to green, exotic and lovely, it was the size of a small bird. I accepted the challenge of helping it. It hopped on to my finger without despair or fear. I walked to the front yard where many trees flourished in the spring wind. Suddenly, its moist wings began to dry in the sun and it flapped them, as I carefully balanced it on my finger.

With one swift move, the butterfly jumped off of my finger and began to fly. I will always remember that moment, as I realized sometimes even the master’s work needs a little nudge to move to its destiny. In that moment, I was an angel for that butterfly. It never looked back or came around for a visit. It simply went on to its destiny in the boundless blue sky, hopping from tree to tree, from beautiful flower to beautiful flower.

I know, someday, for all of us, that our wings will grow strong like the butterfly. But, I am also praying, that on our journey toward that day that we don’t tarry as we find our place of refuge in meditation and prayer. For there we will begin the amazing metamorphosis to our ultimate destiny.


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