Like a Dog Returning to His Vomit

hLike a Dog Returning to His Vomit

There is no stronger picture a bible scripture can bring to mind than “As a dog goes back to its vomit, [so] a fool repeats his stupidity.” Proverbs 26:11.

It’s an easy scripture to recall once you’ve heard it. I guarantee it will stick in your craw for a long time, if you really imagine it.  Next time you decide to go back to an old fling or an old habit, just think—VOMIT!

It stops me every time.

Well, I’d like to think it stopped me every time. The truth is we all go back to our old habits once in a while even though we know that the habit will probably prove to us, once again, that we had made the correct decision the first time we left. You have got to wonder about humans and our desire to make wrong decisions over and over again. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

Many people come to me because they can’t stop thinking of a lover or partner who is no longer in his/her life. I ask the reason. Usually it is something awful like, he hit me, or she couldn’t keep her pants up, or he was emotionally unavailable. But yet, this person can’t seem to stop loving the emotionally unavailable, abuser and adulterer. I literally have to do a mass brain clean up on them to get their minds to stop going back to what wounded them.

A hypnotist really can’t stop you from remembering somebody. But a good one can keep you remembering the reason why that person isn’t in your life. The problem is with the human mind is that we only want to remember the good times. The bad times we like to erase rather quickly.

Would a mother honestly want to give birth more than once if she actually remembered the pain of childbirth? Maybe not. Could we get through life if we remembered all of the painful things in our lives as if they just happened?

I don’t think so. I think we are hardwired to forget bad and remember good. And this is a good thing for all of us.

But what you have to do is give yourself a trigger to remember the bad thing that happened with an old boyfriend or lover or work situation…

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