Listening to Your Body’s Needs

If you are created in the image of God, then your body is innately divine. Right? Yes, we are all human and subject to the basic needs of humanity. But, your body, through your conscious mind, is always telling you what it really needs to keep it healthy and pain free.

Yesterday, I got up at five to do my morning routine of yoga, blogging, meditating, etc. In the evening, I was supposed to attend a chakra workshop with a new friend in Miami. However, the workshop was cancelled. My friend wanted to do something spiritual, so he searched on the web and found a yoga class that began at eight in the evening and lasted until ten.

As much as I wanted to hang out with my friend, and even though I initially agreed to go with him, I simply couldn’t go to the class when I intended to leave. The reason? My body spoke to me in a loud voice: “If you go to this yoga class, after the day you have had, already having done yoga, swimming, writing, sitting at your chair editing your new book, you are going to be in serious pain! Don’t Go!” It was that clear and loud.

I don’t like to cancel on friends, so it took every bit of energy to make the call to tell my new buddy that I couldn’t go with him. I was even embarrassed, as we have been waiting a week to do something fun and spiritual together. Fortunately, he is a healing practitioner, and he understood. After the class, he even texted me, “You should be glad that you didn’t go. It was by no means an easy class!”

In that moment, I realized that I am finally listening to the inner wisdom of my body, maybe even listening to angels who knew that it would be against everything I needed that day to go to that particular class. As we get more and more in tune with the universal pull by meditating, affirming our good, and connecting with the ultimate power of love all around us, we can know for certain that this same energy will direct our paths in any way It needs, to help us, give us divine wisdom, and place us on the genuine path of perfect love—even for our human bodies.

I’m knowing this for your body and for you, special friend, today. As you are ultimately connected to the one true power of the universe, always knowing, always participating, always loving you, we recognize that there is a power beyond and in us that generates all Law in the universe. Because we have plugged into this power, we have access to this wonderful, life-giving surge. Today, everything we do will inevitably lead us to our perfect path. We will listen harder to our bodies as they shares with us the food it needs, the friends to hang out with, the drink it wants, and the exercise that will be perfect to keep it healthy.

I’m thankful for this knowing and release my prayer and your prayers to the One True Power of All. And so it is!

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