Listening vs. Analyzing #compassion

Nowhere is the skill of listening more important than in expressing compassion. Who hasn’t been in a situation, when all you needed was an ear to listen; but, instead, you got someone who tried to solve your problem. Sometimes, being heard is just enough to make you feel secure and loved.

We have different voices that operate in our minds to keep us in check. The voice of our body operates with hunger, physical needs, aches, and pains. The voice of the deductive mind helps us be able to add 2 + 2 and manage our appointments throughout the day. Lastly, we have our inductive or spiritual mind. This part of our mind dreams, imagines, and observes without judgment. We call this part of our thinking our God Mind.

This God Mind is the mind with which we listen in times of compassion. We don’t have to listen with our deductive mind, because we want to observe rather than deduct and be more of a conduit for love. In other words, when we act in a loving and compassionate way, we want to channel God through us, instead of using our Ego to help another person.

Yes, in this God mind, you may find yourself saying something out of character, but flow with it and allow yourself to fully express as Spirit. You will be dumbfounded by how different you feel in times of duress. You may even experience complete joy and fulfillment, even when someone else is feeling bad. What you now feel is the pure abandonment of loving with the Spirit of God through you. How different we all feel when we let go of the idea that we have to do anything to manage others. When we simply take the hand of someone in need and reach deep into the pocket of our soul, we find that God is more than willing to do the rest for us and as us.

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