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Amazing abundance is all around you, every moment of every day. You just have to look at the trees, the ocean, the expanse of the sky, all of the created objects man has formed from his/her amazing minds, and the organic and inorganic substances that exist for us at all times. Life in the form of plants and animals and babies are growing around us all of the time. How do you stop your brain from feeling as if you are stuck and not flowing with this powerful surge of life all around you; always moving and always creating?

You will find that if you stick to the basic understand of life and confess it daily, you will be more apt to step into its abundant flow. For instance, when you wake up in the morning and confess: “This is a beautiful day made with abundance. I choose to be a part of this flow!” you immediately open your heart to growth. You cannot help but see life as possibility and chance; rather than be stuck in the same circle of insanity within which YOU THINK you dwell. The latter is not your truth. So, stop confessing it.

This is your truth: Divine Love in you is always seeking to find an outlet for love, for creativity, for abundance and, even more specifically, to give your life purpose. Finding that divine purpose in your life will immediately open your life to a brand new day, every day.

For instance, in your morning moments of quiet, before you start your day, you think about the idea that you are meant to be a loving, giving source of God’s love to the world. This is a very simply, almost generic idea of purpose, but a beautiful idea, nonetheless. If you simply walked through life with this purpose, you would discover the many people who would need your help, your concern, and certainly your compassion.

Talk to people who are happy. You will notice that they spend much of their days helping others. Happy people do not spend their days looking for new ways to make and spend money. This is a futile attempt to find happiness outside of your self. It will never work. You may need to walk that road for a while. But—

no amount of sex, extravagance, or lust for bigger, great pleasure can ever give you peace.

Most often, we have to experience this truth before we can act like the Prodigal Son and find our way back to the welcome arms of Love.

Living an abundant life is living your life to its fullest potential, whatever that may be. We do not seek for happiness and joy. Happiness and joy awaits us as we travel on the pathway of a peaceful, balanced life. Yes, sometimes you may be bored. But, guess what? Boredom is an opportunity to quietly observe the wonder around you. It is also a chance to try something new and expand your mind and horizons. Life is abundant. Come join it!


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