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“Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.” —Maya Angelou

In the words of one of the greatest writers of all time, “anger is like fire.” It sits deep in your soul and spreads like wild fires on dessert land with no rain in sight. Ms. Angelou says anger “burns it all clean,” but she didn’t make much about the difference between her first metaphor about bitterness, which she says, “is like cancer… eating up the host” and anger. What did she mean by her pertinent analogy?

The dictionary defines bitterness as “resentment, disappointment at being treated unfairly.” It, also, defines anger as “a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility.” Both sound very much the same. However, I believe Ms. Angelou distinguished the two. She meant that bitterness was like cancer, homeostatic, sitting quietly in your cells, but growing. Anger, however, actually is a forceful movement toward change—like fire. I would tend to agree with this concept, if I accept her precept.

I have been angry a lot in my life. But more than angry, I have been bitter—deeply bitter from hurt that has gone unrequited. I had an alcoholic father who abused everyone around him. I had committed partners who have committed adultery. I have had friends steal from me. I have had people speak lies about me. But what has caused the most bitterness is the feeling that I believe Creator God would want me to forgive everyone without the need to work through the problems, first.

What rises in me when someone wrongs me, now, is pure anger. The bitterness is gone. I’ve worked through the whys and hows. Now I need to make some fierce changes with how I handle bitterness and being mistreated. In other words, I must create better boundaries to stop what has happened in the past, but also work on the triggers of the old bitterness as well.

The one time I remember in my life I let my anger manifest, I ended up in the worst predicament I had ever been in, in my life. Anger caused a complete dismantling of my life and some friendships. I was exonerated of the wrong, but I still felt bitter. Anger without the release of bitterness makes no sense. There must be a way to extinguish both!

Many therapists and psychologists say that anger is the final stage of grief. What I perceive as a hypnotherapist and life coach is that bitterness is habitual, negative thinking. So, to get out of bitterness we must create actions to circumvent or interrupt the neural pathways of the habitual thought or action. If you seriously don’t want to be bitter anymore about someone or some action, then you must take control of your mind and stop the habit of thinking the negative thought. This process takes diligence and may take a clinical hypnotherapist to help. But, changing your belief will also stop the growth of the resentment building inside like a cancer. You must do this, or else you will end sick, because as we know, cancer often kills!


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