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Four hundred people in the world have a rare brain disorder that keeps them from experiencing fear. Urbach-Wiethe disease destroys both sides of the amygdala, because of a rare calcification to that area of the brain, composed of two structures, the shape and size of almonds. This calcification prevents the person from experiencing fear of any kind—from poisonous snakes to a razor-sharp knife at his throat to anxiety resulting from bad memories.

At first glance, one would think that to get rid of fear might be the greatest gift of all. But, these 400 people have to stay very secluded and keep their disease hidden from the public, because they are very likely to be in harm’s way and be manipulated by people who know their problem.

People generally riddled with undue anxiety would think, I’d rather stay at home and be protected than have to deal with the scary, negative thoughts that flood my mind almost constantly. Maybe there is a happy medium between being anxiety-ridden and having no fear at all.

Having power and security over any situation usually takes education. When I share with a client any simple steps to overcome anxiety, sometimes the client is overwhelmed at the simplicity of something that changed his or her entire life in just a moment. Often, when teaching anyone a new idea, people are amazed and astonished they hadn’t thought about the idea before. When we open our minds to learning, we often open our minds to freedom.

To have fear, you must create a story about fear in your mind. For instance, if you see a bear in your front yard that looks as if it may kill you, you must have known that bears kill. Having a story about bears being deadly produced the fear when you saw the bear. Whereas, the person with Urbach-Wiethe disease retains no story of fear, because she never experienced fear on any level. So, no adrenaline flows from the brain to the body to quicken her to run, race her heart, and get her the hell out of Dodge, before the bear has her for breakfast. In this case, having fear is a good thing. But, if you continue to think about that bear for the rest of your life and have nightmares and daydreams about that fear, you will eventually have an anxiety disorder around this issue.

You can use this simple premise in your daily life by reducing the amount of time you spend on your stories about fear. Remember this simple quotient: (Time + Story = Fear). So, if I you are afraid of bears and heard your mind starting to tell you a story about your fear, you would simply shut down the story. “Simple?” you say. “If it would have been this easy, I would have done it long ago.” The problem is not that you hadn’t tried to shut down the story. The problem is that you do not know how to shut down the story. You must inhibit the part of the brain that fantasizes about the past fear.

A good way to do this is to ask yourself a question that you know has a positive answer. The part of the brain that asks and answers questions, is not the same part of the brain that fantasizes about fear. For example, in a fearful moment, I might ask myself, “How do I know that ocean and the beach always makes me feel calm?” Then, I would begin to recite the answer, either out loud of in my mind. If the fear is still lingering, I may be prepared with more questions, until I simply forget about my old story.

It is also possible to stop your mind from thinking anything at all (as in the way of deduction). But this takes a great amount of practice, through meditation, usually. I have found that I can stop a story and keep my mind blank, but imagining that light is flowing into my brain and vanquishing all thoughts completely. So, visualization is often a great enhancer for changing the thought process, as well. I shut down the story by imagining a light greater than my fear (a God light) beaming into my brain and destroying all of the negativity.


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