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Would a world where all hard choices had an immediate answer be a good thing? We receive character building from our difficult choices in life. When discernment must guide our steps, we expand our horizons and reasoning abilities. We learn nothing and may possibly harm others and ourselves, when we make quick and thoughtless choices.

Moving through any uncertainty holds the inception of true character. Value it! But, also, learn to make firm choices in life. Being stuck in the place of uncertainty can stop your life’s movement forward and create a paralyzing feeling in every area of your life.

For a few years, I coached a brilliant client. He could answer any question about any subject. I consistently was amazed at how much information he could retain in this brain. It was as if his mind was a vacuum, sucking up any and all information—small and large. But, when life came down to making simple decisions, he froze. He feared making wrong choices, so much so that he couldn’t make any choice at all. So, one thing you have to realize is that education has little to do with making a good choice. However, having all of the pertinent data about a decision you need to make is necessary to decide anything with strength and fortitude.

What I always look for in any decision I have to make—traveling somewhere, accepting an offer, changing jobs, or even relationship issues is an indefinable peace that accompanies the idea of making a hard choice. Underneath the scary feelings of something different or breaking out of your normal paradigm, your heart already knows what you need, how much need, and where you must go to get the necessary tools for your decision. This internal compass is the most important part of making good choices. So, if you’re not a spiritual person and don’t react much to feelings and instinct, you may find it even more difficult to understand this message.

The client I spoke about often made fun of my words about feelings and said that he never thought about them. They were sappy. Everything was fact to him. Truth be told, when he was a child, he wasn’t allowed a feeling. So, the only truths he could be sure of were what he read in books and gleaned through years and years of constant schooling. So, to avoid a nagging mother who never allowed him authentic feelings, my client learned to accept fact as the only truth worth having.

After years of coaching, feelings actually began to emerge in a big way. Underneath the feelings were instincts—raw and brutally honest. A spiritual adult existed in his heart, and in your heart, as well, that knows your path before you do. You can call it whatever you want, but like a mother’s instinct, you have an innate ability to know what steps to take without even understanding why.

When you mix this internal knowledge with a deductive, reasoning mind, you get the best of both worlds. Decision-making becomes a breeze.

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