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Drew Carey said, “Eating Crappy food isn’t a reward—it’s a punishment!” I’d have to totally agree with him. Also, I’d add to that: punishing yourself for something someone else did to you is like “drinking poison and hoping the other person dies,” which is a quote from Joyce Meyer relating to forgiveness. Either way, self-punishment is not the way to lose weight or to garner self-esteem. I tried a new diet that I devised, and I lost a much-needed 10.5 pounds in just about 2 weeks. Here’s what I did.

(Just a note: I have tried many other forms of dieting. If you have been following my blog, you know. But tailor making the diet for you is important. I think the Paleo diet was close, but had too much protein and fat for my body. I tended to feel a little sick to my stomach. On my new diet, my stomach has actually felt great, even when I’m getting hungry. I’ve come to not overreact when I feel tinges of hunger. I wait until I’m feeling hunger in a healthy way now, before I actually eat.)

Start the day: I weigh in every morning before the day begins to keep an accurate, stable analysis. After I get up, I assess if I’m even hungry. Sometimes I’m not, and I’ll wait to eat for an hour, but not longer. I have taken to only drinking about a ¼ cup of coffee because of the acid content. I like a little caffeine, but not enough to make my stomach sour.

I have been eating only one cup of steel cut oats in the morning. I make them myself once a week and freeze one-cup portions in the freezer. I defrost them in the morning. If I can eat them with just a little 2% milk and no agave nectar, I do that. If I feel as if I need a bit of sugar (at first, I needed some sweet), I added less than a tablespoon of agave or coconut sugar. Sometimes, like today, I didn’t feel as if I wanted the entire cup, so I put it back in the plastic container for another day. Oats don’t go bad for a while if they are refrigerated.

A note: I have found that weaning off of agave nectar and salt on food has added an ingredient to dieting I hadn’t thought of: the less savory or sweet something is, the less desire you have to eat beyond your hunger. So, without sugar, I’m able to gauge when I’m simply full without the added ingredient of desiring the rest because it just taste so good and sweet or savory.

With less food in my stomach, I am more apt to want to work out before lunch. I have been doing the Step Machine or a yoga workout focusing on my abs almost everyday. If I wait to workout till the evening, I find it harder to get motivated. You have to try and get at least 30-40 minutes of exercise in each day, or the food portion of the diet will be minimized, at best. “If you put energy in, use that energy.”

For lunch, I have been eating steamed broccoli, carrots, onion, and kale with a teaspoon of melted, real butter. With this meal, you may want to add a bit of salt (using different kinds of salt from various parts of the world is very good for your body—of course, you have to buy them at Whole Foods or a specialty store), because you actually want to eat the entire portion of vegetables, even though it appears to be a lot of food. I have an entire cereal bowl of veggies, parboiled, and not cooked to death. Make sure they are still a bit crunchy. Honestly, I had no idea how much I enjoyed vegetables until now. I have been craving them every day. I actually look forward to the part of my meal I usually would save for last. I eat no added protein for lunch.

I have a piece of fruit or a low fat yogurt for a snack.

At dinner, I eat the most protein. I have about a palm-sized portion or more of some kind of protein, tender and not so fatty. Also, I may eat a very small portion of a carb, such as rice or potato or gluten free pasta (I am totally gluten free now, which I believe has helped as well) and a salad—everyday a salad. For dessert, if I’m still hungry and want that little something extra, I eat a dessert-sized ramekin of Jello (sugar free is okay).

At night, for a snack I have a couple of different things. I have been rolling up a piece of lowfat cheese in a piece of ham. I may eat a small bag of popcorn (this tends to be my go-to, because it’s crunchy and fills me up). Eating the protein and popcorn together is okay. I have done both and still lose weight. Also, in times of great desire (especially at the beginning of the diet), I had one, gluten free cookie.

I guarantee you that, if you stay on this diet and do the exercise, you will lose weight! I have put some of my clients on this same diet, and we are all kicking butt! Get healthy. Also, if you need some subconscious motivation, go to my web store and for $3, download the weight loss MP3 and listen to it daily for a week. Bo


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