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As promised, I’m writing a Discovery about exercise that can help you lose those extra pounds without forcing you to go to the gym after a hard day’s work. Here’s what I do, and I am still losing weight. I have three more pounds, until I’m at my fighting weight, and this is what I did last night for exercise. I took my fitness ball into the living room and bounced on it for 45-50 minutes, while I watched the television show “Arrow.” This is one of my favorite sci-fi shows, so I was completely engulfed in it. I can’t even remember bouncing. I got my 45-50 minutes of cardio in and was able to watch a great television show at the same time. Now that’s cool!

I have had many people take out their fitness ball and do a few different kinds of exercise on it. It just so happens, you can do about 4-5 different exercises that won’t even get you off of the ball. One that takes a shift to the couch or a chair is to put the ball under your feet, and bounce your legs up and down on the ball. While you do this, pull your tummy in as if you pressing down toward your back. So, every movement of power has a tummy tuck with it. When you bounce, you can do the same thing. Pull the navel in toward the back for a few bounces. Let it loose for a few bounces! This will work that much needed abdominal area while you exercise.

Another exercise you can do with the ball is to lie on the ball, face down. As you exhale, simply pull you tummy back, squeeze your buttocks together, and lift your chest up off of the ball. Of you can lift the opposite arm and opposite leg at the same time. This will work your back muscles.

After you’re finished, you can relax backward on the ball and stretch out your back. Feels great.

One caveat… If you are older and a bit unsteady, make sure the fitness ball is next to something solid and unmoving. I keep my fitness ball wedged between the couch and a chair for support. I hold on to the couch while I bounce, if I’m feeling unsteady.

The other simple exercise option is to get a yoga video and learn a few relaxing exercises and strengthening exercises. Then, without the video, do them in your bedroom before bed, or in the living room after your food has digested. This one takes a little more prep, but will also help you relax your muscles before bed. You can get my fitness video: Boga Fitness and learn some great exercises that are tailor-made for you.

I guarantee you that, if you stay on the diet from the past two days and do the exercise, you will lose weight! I have put some of my clients on this same diet, and we are all kicking butt! Get healthy. Also, if you need some subconscious motivation, go to my web store and for $3, download the weight loss MP3 and listen to it daily for a week. Bo


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