Losing “2” Sizes: The Simple Carb Challenge

My husband and I set out on a Vegan diet a while back. Actually, he had been vegan for 3 years. In the past I had been vegetarian or vegan for 27 of my 56 years. Even though, 27 years seems like a great deal of time to spend learning the ways of a plant-based human, it doesn’t let you in on the proper way to hone your diet for weight loss.

David had always been told that you can eat as many carbs as you want to as a vegan. “When you’re hungry, eat!” he was coerced by many online vegan guides and practitioners. However, what these guides never shared was the difference between a simple carb and a complex carbohydrate. Maybe they did and Dave wasn’t aware of the difference, but nonetheless, he shared this with me. So, we set out on a diet together. We both fell in the trap of eating too many simple carbs. As I was part of this problem, serving pastas and eating tortillas with my guacamole and the like, I didn’t help the problem.

You guessed it. Eating as many carbs of any kind as you want is a fallacy and way to good to be true. Calories are calories. When calories come in the form of rapidly digested sugars, as in simple carbs, you run the risk of gaining weight and keeping that weight on, even when you exercise daily.

Dave complained and I listened until I heard that he really wanted to make a change. When I heard the need to find an answer, we found that together we would try going without simple carbs almost completely, with exception of two simple carbs (brown jasmine rice and the occasional popcorn popped in coconut oil with no salt and adding nutritional yeast for B-12. This was 2 months ago.

So, you may be asking, if you are not understanding of the terms simple and complex carbs, “What exactly is the difference?”

Simple Carbs

  • Breads and pastries of all kinds
  • Simple sugars and anything with sugar (especially refined sugar) in it. This means almost all dessert that are not right from nature.
  • Potatoes: mashed, fried, French fries, baked, boiled, broiled. Nada!
  • Rice, especially white rice should be off of your list.
  • Even those whole grain breads that tout that they are so good for you are a large source of weight gain.

Complex Carbs

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • All natural sources of sweeteners, except things like corn syrup and most of what is called maple syrup. (When you are dealing with sugar substitutes, do a great deal of research.) The only one I’m able to tolerate without it spiking my sugars (as in diabetes) is Agave Nectar. 
  • Some people, however, can’t even tolerate agave. Remember that Agave nectar does come from a fruit plant. So, even though it is sweet, it doesn’t make my sugar go up.

I also find that Dates (especially the fresh ones from Turkey) are a great source of natural sugar. When I’m hungry for something sweet, a date is my go-to fruit. Also, a date is actually the fruit. It is not a dried plum or something like a raisin. Dates come from the date palm and are delicious, if you’ve never tried them. I know that for a long time I put them in the same class as prunes, which I think we all have had a bad experience with. Trust me, they are not similar at all. Dates do not cause you go run to the bathroom after an hour.

In conclusion, David and I have been off of simple carbs almost completely for two months, except for the occasional cheat (2x a week). We tend to exercise almost every day. I swim and Dave lifts weights and does cardio exercise.

As a result of this regimen we have been successful in losing 15-30 pounds. Dave, 30,  and me 15 pounds. Dave lost 2 pants sizes and I have lost one pants size. (Well, let’s just say that I can now fit into my old clothes again and stay away from the 4 pieces of fat clothing I bought in case I gained weight.)

If you need help with motivation, this is one of the main things I do for a living. I have helped thousands of people lose weight using these ideas combined with hypnosis for motivation. I also have been trained to work with people who have gone through weight loss surgery. This is a grave problem in America today. Weight loss surgery is not a solid fix to weight gain. Many people lose weight and then gain back more when they realize they can stretch out the tiny stomach they now have. Weight loss should be done with the counsel of someone who knows his or her facts and understands the psychology of weight gain. I have studied both and worked at major hospitals helping individuals and c0-leading and leading groups with famous psychiatrists about this very tenuous subject.

Give me a call if you would like to book a session: 954-253-6493.

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