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“God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” Hermes 

I read a friend’s Facebook entry today about how male actors refuse to play gay roles because of stereotype. Really? I thought our men actors were far away from that premise. But, apparently, (as my college friend is an actor in LA), he has seen this kind of anti-gay behavior over and over again. I do believe he is correct about the prejudice that comes with declining a gay role. Look at Oscar winner, Dustin Hoffman, who surged into the limelight for forging through prejudice by playing a transvestite to keep his children. Our last year’s Oscar winner, for playing a straight man with HIV, who learns to embrace the gay world after being disenfranchised from the straight world. Neither have gotten stereotyped. And that hot tall blonde who played the character Arrow on “Smallville” and a gay character on “Revenge” is now playing a hot straight man on “Mistresses.”

Let’s get down to brass tax. What do you really feel about GLBT people? Are you pretending not to be prejudiced because you want to be in the mainstream, but really feel being different is against your moral belief? If so, then I ask you to put aside your prejudice for a moment and Google the psychological studies that have been done about being gay or transgender. Why do you think that a therapist is never allowed, by law and code of ethics, to exclaim that being gay is wrong? Because it is simply not. God created all of us. And He don’t make no mistakes… It’s not a choice. It has never been a choice. And gay prejudice has ruined more lives and caused more hate than any war. It’s time to put your hate down and let God judge his own children. Okay?

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