Lost in the Ocean #Malaysian Flight

Watching the news has been mostly about the tragic, missing Malaysian flight and, of course, the dead passengers. This story reminds me of the old tales, I would hear as a child, about the Bermuda Triangle. I actually had a high school acquaintance who had started out on a simple boat trip to Bermuda and went missing, never to return. It’s as if the vast blue, beautiful ocean swallows up people and vessels as large as planes and as small as a raft. Having just come off of a Caribbean Cruise, I would go twelve hours at a time without seeing any other vessel, even planes. Our ship moved at 35-45 miles per hour. Can you imagine what it would be like to be as small as a person, floating on a raft, within the scope of that same vast ocean? I can’t conceive of the fear I would feel.

This thought always leads me back to the idea of a Creator looking down on this myriad of tiny ants crawling around under a rock. Finding that Malaysian jetliner would be like identifying one ant that became separated in a large garden adjacent to the family of ants under the rock. I have lost a set of keys in my yard, which is ½ an acre, as the key ring fell out of my pocket while I used my riding lawnmower to cut the grass. I looked for two days, trying to find 3 shiny keys in the sunlight, in the dark with a flashlight, having no use of electrical devices. I thought of buying a metal detector by the second day. Eventually, I gave up looking, as, I suppose, will happen after millions of dollars are spent searching for the lost passengers on the Malaysian Flight. You can’t watch the news footage and see much hope.

I’ve read in the New Testament in Luke that God has every bird counted and every hair on our heads accounted for: (from biblehub.com) 6″Are not five sparrows sold for two cents? Yet not one of them is forgotten before God. 7″Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.”

This verse makes me wonder about the magnificence of omniscience. Is this same God able to know and see every hair on every planet in all the universes, or are the separate Gods for each universe or planet? No one who contemplates this with a human brain could even conceive of the kind of brain or energy that would allow such a tremendous amount of observing power. Thus, we are asked to believe, nonetheless. Without anthropomorphizing God, I can’t imagine. As a human being, we can only see in front of us, perceive what is around us, so even to imagine seeing all around us is a far stretch for our egos.

Because we can’t conceive the power of God, we invent machines that observe from space and operate like no human brain can. We build a machine that can think a million times faster, see a million times better, and sense to a nanosecond movement in ambient space? We are all trying to understand what is like to be God and to be omniscient.

Unfortunately, all we have is our humanness, right now, with some spiritual help, should we choose to believe. But, as you can see from the different family members of those killed in the Malaysian flight, the ones with outrage are furious and lashing out. Yet, the ones who try desperately to make sense of the senseless with faith and spiritual truth, such as lighting candles and seeking the help of friends and ministers, are mourning, as they should be.

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