Love’s Illusion

The Pollyanna theory that love will sweep us away and keep us in its secure arms, simply doesn’t compute for most adults, these days. In fact, we have been programmed by our hurts and betrayals, rather than the firm foundation of any kind of secure love. Perhaps, we don’t understand love, because we don’t fully compute its nature.

First of all, the English word love has so many definitions, who could be certain which one is appropriate for what situation? I know I have wanted to tell someone I love him/her as a brother loves, only to realize that love, to that person, actually means something different than what it means to me. Can I communicate with a word, what I can’t even conceive of in my own heart?

Love is the foundation on which the world is made. It’s the mortar and building blocks that hold up the entire universe. So, if this is love, then why have we chosen to see it as having so many ephemeral attributes?

This morning I looked at all the ways I would benefit from perceiving love with a positive attitude. I imagined what love wasn’t, instead of trying to image what it is. Love isn’t insecurity. Love isn’t fear. Love is not famine, desperation, pain, or the feeling of abandonment. Love is never prejudice, anger, or rejection.

Suddenly, I woke up! Actually, love is all of these and more. It is every feeling, every thought, and every expression of humanity. The difference in sitting in love’s illusion and being love, is that when you embody love, you no longer can be hurt by any of these feelings above, because they all emanate from you and for you.

Every hurt is for a reason.

Every rejection is for love.

Love calls to you from the highest mountain and from the loneliest moment of your day.

It has no boundaries and continues to grow like the Universes.

That same creative power that made the world is also inside of you waiting to give birth, gestating in human form. That same Wisdom is fierce and ready to change your life as the seasons.

You see, if God is love. And you are made from God. That makes you equal to Love.

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2 thoughts on “Love’s Illusion

  1. lkreiselmaier

    Thank you Bo….you always provide such valuable food for thought. These days I am playing with Elaine Aron (HSP researcher and Jungian analyst)’s idea of love as responsiveness….

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