Loving the Unlovable #whoamI

Do you ever feel as if you are completely unlovable—that no one on the earth finds you attractive, relationship-worthy, or the marriage type? Learn this a fast as you can! Bondage to any old belief is not God ordained. Our inherent nature in spirit is freedom. If you have moved in and out of that feeling throughout the time of dating, it is not because you are unattractive or a misfit. You flounder in your belief about yourself because you don’t inherently believe your true nature in spirit is freedom, prosperity, love, and complete security.

I used to think that the worst four words I could ever hear after a date were: “Let’s just be friends!” Until, one day, I realized that most days, my friends are worth more than all of my lovers put together. Now, when a date says, “I really think you’re a wonderful person,” I almost feel as if he is saying, “I’m a screw-up in relationship, and you are too important to lose as a friend. I believe I’d rather not take that chance of losing your friendship by dating!”

The second idea I embrace is that God is all in all. So, this means that God is in the small, the large, the rejects, and the ones worth keeping in our lives. However, that doesn’t mean that every person whom you deem datable is actually someone you should be in relationship with. I don’t know about you, but I believe that God has the entire scenario of our life outlined. Sometimes, when you are about to pick someone you shouldn’t be with, Spirit politely whispers in the other person’s ear: “Hey… this one isn’t for you. Maybe just be friends.”

I see through a glass darkly. God has all the answers. I am in a constant state of uncertainty, as the life around me changes always. The thing in life that continues to change constantly is that which belies our human existence—our ego. What doesn’t change is spirit. So, we have to begin to think with the thoughts of spirit—CHOOSE TO THINK WITH THE THOUGHTS OF SPIRIT!

We have a subconscious, subjective spiritual self that is all God, no matter if we choose to believe it or not. Our reasoning mind always has a choice to believe or to not believe that what flows beneath the surface is always, 100% spiritual truth. Only you can choose to see life in other ways—negatively, alone, poor, poverty stricken, and not datable!

So it is, even in dating and in self-esteem, the issue becomes that ALL THOUGHT IS CREATIVE, even the negative stuff that belies our common truth. Our subconscious is the subjective mind. The field in which we use the subconscious is the subjective, which is all God, all infinite. So, even in our individualized power, we have infinite God truth supporting us. Learn to use your God-given power to undergird the real you—the fantastic, datable, loving, hot, and auspicious YOU!

Coming Up: I’ll be speaking more about the subjective mind!


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