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Almost everyone I know who deals with anxiety has a problem with control in his/her life. The truth about life is that we have very little control over the causal matters of life. What usually happens in our lives, on the earth, in our communities, in our families, and at work is almost completely up to the universe or God. BUT, What we choose to do with the present situation, however, IS COMPLETELY UP TO US!

I recently read a book about living on the edge of life. The advice of the author was to enjoy the mystery of the future by fully accepting the now. We can only do this if we trust that what happens in our life is completely in perfect resonance with Spirit. Yes, we can bend the powers of creation by our consistent belief in a dream or a treatment for the future, but, ultimately, there is a higher calling and a greater purpose that ALWAYS expresses, no matter or dream or desire. In time, however, Spirit will find a way to give us our desires and dreams without affecting the divine purpose of life.

So, the idea of creating and dreaming by affecting the subjective consciousness of the universe has to be coordinated with the divine outcome of everyone involved, not just you. So selfishness and ego plays no part in Divine Consciousness. In other words, if you want your neighbor’s sailboat at the detriment of your neighbor, Spirit will not allow this to happen. If you pray for a motorboat that will pollute the waters in your area, you’re probably not going to get Spirit’s help with that prayer. But, if you just desire a boat for yourself and family, you can know that the seed you planted in divine mind will grow to fruition. This happens in divine timing, not our own. Just like when we plant seed, we don’t tell it how to grow and bear fruit. We wait until the intended time for the seed to bear fruit, as we nurture the seed, just like we nurture our seed thoughts and dreams—with belief.

I find it important to understand WHY the universe doesn’t answer some prayers and seems to answer others. If I get in touch with the Divine Purpose and trust that a higher Will is working beyond my own, then I always can believe that what happens NOW and in the future is working towards the best for EVERYONE, not just me. Stepping outside of your ego self is so important in relinquishing anxiety and finding peace.

No one can expect life to fall in order for his every wish. We can, however, know that our seeds planted in Divine Mind will eventually bear fruit. When the perfect timing happens, and everyone involved in your life will be okay with our dream manifesting, we will see results!

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