Managing Magnificence

Managing Magnificence

I’ve always thought that the home I lived in was my dream home. I have plans already drawn up to do a build on for when I’m financially ready to expand my home. I love my neighborhood. I feel completely safe. And listen, you can’t buy neighbors like I have. Every one of them is wonderful. I have lived here for five years, and I haven’t had a bad thing to say about anyone. There is no crime and we all actually talk to one another like old times. We share flowers with one another and people walk their dogs past my house daily just to see my gardens. I secretly love it. Well, not so much a secret.

My partner likes to watch a lot of HGTV. One of his favorite shows is “House Hunters.” If I want to spend any time with him, I have to acquiesce to watching HGTV television in the bedroom. This isn’t a problem, except it makes me drool over all the beautiful homes that they showcase. There are different places in the world that have beachside wonders that I could imagine myself sighing with a lifetime of relaxing relief.

Now, after watching all that, I’m wondering if I’m actually in my dream home, or if eventually I’ll move out of this home and into something more grand!

Damn that covetousness in my soul!

What would I do with 7500 square feet of house, 6 bedrooms, 2 formal living rooms, and 4 baths on the beach? I know this. I’d need someone to clean it up the sand in my foyer.

I have a dear friend who has a home that looks quite like the ones on HGTV. I love being in her home. It is fun and comfortable, just like her, but I just can’t imagine having the wherewithal to take care of such a behemoth.  With wealth comes responsibility. With expensive things and luxury comes a different kind of managing, which I’ve never really wanted.

So, I wonder this: even if you have a lot of money, is it worth it to have so much and have so much responsibility attached to it?

If I were to win the lottery tomorrow, what would I do? Would I change my life entirely? Would I quit work? Would I move? Remodel? Buy more things? Or give lots of money away?

Most of us have fantasized about winning lots of money, especially those of us who are not millionaires. I think the real test of how authentically happy we are is how much we would change in our lives if we actually did have a financial windfall.

I know this for sure. I would continue to work doing most of what I do now, especially the healing work. I don’t think I would be Bo without that. I would probably write more. I would definitely travel more. And, I think I would maybe rebuild on this property. I just like the feel here. I wouldn’t care if I built myself out of the market. It wouldn’t matter if I were rich, right? You can’t buy great neighbors.

The last thing in speculation is would you continue to live within the same social boundaries that you live now? I often wonder if that kind of thing just takes care of itself. Eventually, your friends can’t do all the rich things you want to do, so, they kind of fade from your life. That part would be sad. I think I would just pay my friend’s way to do what I wanted to do and create a business in which I could hire all my favorite people. This way I could give them vacations when I wanted and take care of all the people I love, especially my family. This would take the next 300 Million dollar lottery. I’ll be buying a ticket.

Isn’t a little dreaming good for the soul? I always thought it was.

I hope your day is filled with loving, fulfilling, prosperous dreams for yourself and those around you.

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