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I never imagined that at 53 I would be taking care of an octogenarian. My mom is 81 and, everyday, by virtue of age and health, she loses a little more of her ability to manage her own life. I can’t imagine how losing control would feel, personally, but I know that I try to lead with compassion when she breaks something new, pretends it wasn’t her fault, and blames it on the product. I say gently, “This problem would be better faced if you just admitted that you made a mistake and move on.” She glances down with remorse and, I’m certain, wonders how much longer I will want to take care of her. He deepest fear, “How will I get along without help—the help of my primary caregiver (me), the help of my children, my friends, and my doctors?”

All of these concerns are just and right. Some days I wake up with the patience of Job, and other days I want to pull my hair out with frustration. My solution is to take time away for myself as often as I can, to keep my heart and mind healthy and stable. If don’t I take care of myself, I will end up angry and lose my patience quickly.

If you are a mother, father, or caregiver of any sort, taking care of Self is paramount. If you aren’t prayed up, healthy, and have ample self-care, you won’t be the person you need to be in situations that will involve taking care of the people who need you most.

Finding Authentic You, which is the name of my new book and self guide, meant to help you find a way to understand your self, the most distinct you, unlock all of your negative thinking, and help you replace it with positive, creative thought using many different modalities, including hypnosis, prayer, and psychology. Once you know yourself, then relationship is a fairly easy task.

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