Manipulating God?

In my youth, much of what I believed was prayer was actually a simple attempt at manipulating God. Is this truly possible? If God or Spirit is all powerful, all knowing, omnipresence and omnipotent, what human can coerce the Divine Spirit by simple concentrate on an intent and believing that power can change the course of the universe? This is pure corruption of the principal of prayer.

First of all, the Laws of Spirit are immutable. They can’t be changed by you or by me by simple focus or concentration. This is more witchcraft or wishcraft than it is Spiritual. We can however, use the Law as we use electricity. We plug into God’s Power. As a result, we get to use Its power.

I believe spiritual law is very similar. You can’t look at a toaster long enough and will it to give you a toasted bagel. No, you must cut the bagel, put it in the toaster, plug it in, and push down the lever. If you don’t do these actions, you have no toasted bagel. So, prayer is the action of conscious mind on Spiritual Law.

God created, as part of the law, a sea of possibility and creative energy. This is known as the subjective field. To gain access to this field of energy, you must have the important key of understanding your relationship to Spirit and God. As Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within.”

So, you are not only a part of God, but the arm of God reaching out into the subjective field to create—not to change something that is already created. In other words, every prayer is a new manifestation from a new and powerful thought sown in the subjective mind of God.

Once this seed is planted, it is up to God to grow the plant, the tree, the objective into fruition. This is the Law of Creation through effective prayer.

Once you get this objective, you begin to understand how Jesus operated in such a powerful way on this earth. He understood that he was God incarnate. What most children of God are afraid to embrace is this most important principle: You are God incarnate, as well. If it wasn’t for you, there would be no spirit of God creating on this earth. You are the embodiment of spirit in human form.

Yes, all of creation is made of God—the trees, the ocean, the flowers, the animals, and the insect—but only humans have the capacity to Create. Why do you think the angels watch us in amazement?

My friends and readers, if you get one principle today, know that you can’t coerce God to do anything. This is trying to manipulate the most awesome and powerful Creator. It’s simply not possible. You, however, can begin to understand Who you are as a spiritual child. With that knowledge, you may change the world, You can learn to use Spiritual Law as Jesus did. “You will do greater works than I,” Jesus said.

Most of us say, “Yeah, right! What miracle could I possibly create?”

Yet, this is the ego’s way of sabotaging the great Self that is simply waiting to find its power within you. Like the Prodigal Son returning home, realizing that all prosperity, truth, wisdom, and love had been his the throughout his entire journey away from his true reality. All he had to do was return to his father, embrace his Sonship, and accept the power of the Law the Father had given him all along!

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