Mary Did You Know?

Mary, Did You Know?

When I hear the song, “Mary, Did You Know?” I often think of what Mary, the mother of Jesus, didn’t know, more than what she knew. How much do mothers often know about their sons? For Jesus to have been said to be the Son of God and Mary not have a clue, sounds a little crazy.

But just because Mary knew the Christ would be born through her, doesn’t mean that she knew the destiny of this child. Did any of the president’s parents know that each of them would be the leader of the free world? I wonder. Does mother hold a special knowing inside like a maternal inkling?

Mothers know a lot more than you think they know. I remember when I came out to my mother. She said to me, “Son, you think that your mother is stupid?”

I thought I had been fooling the world. I had been engaged just eight months before I came out to her. I loved the girl. I slept with the girl. I had sex with the girl. I really thought I would marry her. But, nonetheless, mother knew.

My mother also tells me she can tell when something is upsetting me before I even know it sometimes. Well, I don’t think you have to dig too deeply to see when I’m upset. I wear my emotions on my shirtsleeve. Most people who know me know that I am usually kind, congenial and mostly cracking a joke most days. So, when I’m not, something is wrong. Nonetheless, Mother knows.

We got a call from one of my sisters yesterday. It was bad news. She had gotten a diagnosis of pneumonia and congestive heart failure that day. Mom says she felt as if something was terribly wrong, which was the reason for her call. I wonder with that same maternal power if Mom’s caring and concern can help heal my sister too.

Christmas is almost here. Just two more days and Santa will be coming down the chimney. At my house, even though there is a chimney, there is no fireplace. So I guess he’ll have to come through the furnace to deliver my gifts. This year I want a choo choo train. A bright red one. LOL

I never wanted toys like that when I was a kid. I was like… “Dad, can you buy me a piano?” or “Just buy me some recording equipment or a few Broadway show tunes scores. That would be good.” So, the thought of a Christmas tree filled with kiddy toys kind of makes me laugh.

A couple of years ago my nieces and nephews came over for Christmas eve and we doled out gifts then. I had never seen so many toys in one place. Just as soon as they would unwrap one Velociraptor, there would be one of equal or greater size waiting to be unveiled. And everything now is computerized and costs $50 or more for one toy. I remember getting $20 for Christmas. Literally, a $20 dollar bill. My dad would say, “Go and buy something for yourselves and wrap it.” He had a Santa quality about him you can’t buy in a store.

I don’t know where I’m going with this blog. It is the second blog of my new Blog site, which I’m really proud to be unveiling: FindingAuthenticYou.com. I’m really excited that I finally decided upon a name, because eventually all of this will become a book. So, be praying about that for me. You know what I teach, every seed and every vision becomes reality in time and with the proper watering.

Again, if you were deluged by Facebook—Wordpress announcements yesterday from me, it was just me having to propagate the new site with all the old blogs from almost two years. It is all done now, and there is no need to axe me from your Facebook or hide my postings, because I promise from this point on to be very minimal in my postings. I will post just extremely funny things, my once-a-day blog, and an occasional announcement.

Love to you all this toasty winter day. Bo

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