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Distillation is a process of separating the parts of a substance (liquid or mixture) by selectively vaporizing certain components and using condensation to essentially remove pure parts of the substance without chemically altering them. So, purified water with distillation would mean that H2O is boiled to the exact temperature where only water vaporizes, so that we can isolate pure water by collecting the vapor in a different place than its origin (to keep it from being contaminated) and let the H2O go back to a temperature where it becomes liquid again in the new vessel. The process gives us pure drinking water.

I believe an important metaphor exists here for a person trying to change a debilitated mind. We want to remove the distraction of poverty, sickness, negative thinking from the brain matter, without disturbing the good thoughts or the chemical makeup of the brain. So, a mental distillation needs to occur during this thought transformation.

The idea of meditation is basically the same metaphor as the initial part of the distillation process. While in meditation, our consciousness rises into the ether just as our body completely relaxes; thereby, separating the pain body from the Conscious Mind. While we are in this new place of meditation, we can create, change, and absorb all of the good from the Pure Ether or God Mind in this communal space.

The place where this metaphor doesn’t work is when we come back to the body. In distillation we must use another vessel to keep the purified steam from being contaminated. But we have no other vessel in this metaphor but our own bodies to return to—after the meditation—with this purified thought. How can we effectively change if we keep condensing our spirituality into a vessel that is impure by nature—our own human mind, rife with the impurities of every attachment issue of the past? This question has intrigued me for years.

Today, I pose a question, but will not give you an answer, because contemplating the unknown holds a great source of meditative power for you. Begin to deliberate this idea during your next meditation and see if Spirit can answer this question for you…

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