Mental Distillation – Part II

Yesterday, I wrote of the powerful metaphor of the distillation process. I compared the process of distillation with meditation. However, I came to an impasse in the metaphor that didn’t quite fit. I asked yesterday that you meditate on this conundrum. Often answers to hard questions come as a dispensation from Spirit during meditation.

(As an aside: I rarely know what I’m going to write in this Blog, until I meditate in the morning at 5 a.m. So, yesterday, I didn’t have a clear picture of the answer to this question. However, today I believe I do see truth in the entire metaphor, after a few hours of deep meditation.)

Our problem in the metaphor was that in the distillation process, we needed a new vessel to collect the pure water. But in meditation, we appear to continue to have to take our distilled, spiritual thoughts and bring them back to the same human, pain body and the same mind. So, how does meditation help, if we only have one body, and that body has a human brain with neural pathways that are very difficult; albeit, virtually impossible to change? This was the question.

What I understand, now, from Spirit is that we have two minds—a human and a celestial mind. The human mind, rife with the intent of hunger, thirst, sensuality, covetousness, and fear—perhaps, some impurities and some not, and we have a celestial mind that holds truth, love, morality, and compassion.

Spirit directed me to the example of having a moral decision to make. One voice of the mind says “it’s okay to steal from the government,” and the other says, “pay to Caesar what’s due him!”

During this time, instead of thinking that we have two parts of one human mind, imagine that we have two minds, a celestial one and a human one from which to draw. In this moral scenario, you may more simply see that for a moral decision, the correct answer is to always draw from the Celestial mind, for it is fortified with distilled, spiritual thoughts. For a physical decision, we may be more apt to get a clearer distinction of preference from the human mind. For instance, do I want to have pasta or rice for dinner? In this case, I don’t believe Spirit really cares. So, the human mind is perfectly apt to answer the question.

In meditation, the more we go to the reservoir of unlimited love and compassion, the more we are able to collect and absorb Spiritual insight and get more direction to follow the path of love. If we become aware of the distinction between these two minds, instead of reaching for the impure mind of our human state, we can always change course and pour from the vessel from which contains the pure water of Spirit.

Coming Up: Different modalities of meditation.


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