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In the Mind of God all is well, all is sane, all is at peace. You do not have to look too far around you, however, to be consumed by a crazy world doing crazy things. So, how do you keep your sanity without getting caught up in the insanity of the world?

Finding a safe place is a very important asset in a world that is full of insecure behavior. Do you know where your safe place is? One hint: this place is probably not a physical place, though the ability to find a physical area where you feel completely safe to sleep or to meditate is imperative in resting from all the struggles that seek to impede your peace.

Your safe place is actually in your Mind.

(Remember that there is a vast difference between your physical brain and the Mind, which is much greater and larger than your own body can hold.)

When you learn to find this place in Mind where you are connected to the Whole, to Divine Mind, you have found your safe place. You will know you have found it, when your fears appear to be far away, at a distance, similar to flying in a plane and looking down at where you live from miles above.

Suddenly, the world and where you live in it appears very tiny, compared to the larger panorama of life. Of course, what I elude to is a place in Mind that reaches above the functions of the brain to become an objective observer, nonjudgmental and perfectly at peace, even when what appears to be surrounding you looks perilous in the flesh.

This place can only be found in meditation and must be practiced often enough for you to be able to retreat to it in times of duress. If I did not meditate every day, I could never trigger my mind to get out of the mire and into a peaceful place, during times of stress and contention around me.

So, my advice to you is to keep on the path of a steady and purposeful down time, a space for contemplation and continue to search for that omniscient space. When you find it, practice getting there again and again, until it is automatic.


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