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John came into my office with the idea that he would quit smoking, because he had recently found out that he had a cancerous growth in his lungs. He had tried many times to quit. He tried Chantix, the patch, nicotine gum, and even hypnosis 10 years before. Nothing seemed to work, until he got this terrible diagnosis. Why do you think John had to find out he could die before he had the will to quit a habit he knew could cause death?

The poet Haviz says that you can’t escape your invitation by Spirit. You can either come “dressed for the dance or be carried on a stretcher to God’s ward.”

The CDC says that in America 480,000 people die a year from smoke-related diseases, and 41,000 of those die from second-hand smoke. With odds this great, why would anyone put a cigarette to his/her lips?

The answer is simple: We all think, especially when we’re younger, that we are indestructible. I have even had clients tell me they started smoking while a parent was dying of cancer in the hospital, because of stress. Actually, most people start smoking on a whim. Then, after getting hooked on the nicotine, the neural pathways in the brain connect smoking to relaxation or stress relief. So, cigarettes have an opiate effect on the brain and body, making a smoker believe that his/her need to smoke is far greater than it actually is. Nicotine does cause a dependency, as most addictive substances do, but the body doesn’t need nicotine to exist. White sugar can cause dependency in the body because of the rate of yeast growing systemically. Yeast requires sugar to thrive. So, the yeast sends a message to the brain to eat sugar. When you respond to a sugar craving, basically, you yield to the neural thought pattern that was sent by the thriving yeast growing in your body.

To rid yourself of any habit, you must have a strong will to change, because of all the chemical addiction existing systemically in the body. My first requirement is that you are able to repeat with complete sincerity: “I release and let go of all things that no longer serve my life. I am open and willing for CHANGE!” If a client is unwilling to say this affirmation, I find no reason to move forward with the therapy.

So, back to John. He now has cancer. He has found out that it may be metastatic, which means that it is spreading throughout his body. His fear now finally outweighs his desire to smoke. He has a wife, children, and grandchildren he wants to see grow. He has a definite reason to live. He even just retired, after many years of being a stonemason, which is hard, backbreaking work, to finally enjoy the pleasure of the money he saved for retirement. And, now, this cancer appears—“out of nowhere,” he said.

John’s story reminds me of my father’s, who on his deathbed, after 45 years of smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day, “If I had only known that cigarettes would have caused this, I would have quit years ago!” This statement had come after six of his siblings had died of cancer before him. What exactly does it take to make an addict see the reality of impending death, as a result of their addictive behavior? You would think that a smoker would look at the probable result of his actions and think, wow, that could be me! But, unfortunately, the opiate in the brain is too strong for any smoker to see past his own powerful desire.

So, the call of Spirit to be healthy and take care of the body, which houses your beautiful essence, requires that you either joyfully dance toward change or be carried to God’s ward kicking and screaming. What is your choice?


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