Momma’s First Ride in a Limo

The Christmas morning eyes of a child when she sees a stack of gifts with her name attached to each colorful present; the surprise and delight on the face of a woman when the lights go on and fifty friends from her past pop out from behind couches and chairs for her birthday; the look in her eyes when the man she has been dating asks her for her hand in marriage on Christmas eve in front of the entire family. I have seen each one of these looks. But none of these scenarios quite describe the look on my mother’s face when she walked out from my friend Jennifer’s home and saw a beautiful white stretch limousine idling in the driveway. She took the hand of the driver, dressed in black, complete with a cap, with one hand behind his back and entered the back door where pools of warm blue light welcomed her inside the plush white stallion.

At eighty years old, it would seem there isn’t much that would surprise a person. But my delight has been to find things that my mother hasn’t experienced and give them to her while I have the chance. Her big birthday party this summer was one. This ride to see the Nashville Christmas lights felt like another chance. She was in awe, for sure.

Do you remember the last time that you did something that was a first for you? I believe it is so important to try new things in life. This ability to stay on the edge of life and keep introducing new things IS the ability to stay in the now and keep life fresh for anyone. You don’t have to wait until your 80 to try this. If you haven’t tried something new lately, find something that would wow you and, by all means, do it soon. What are you waiting for?

Life is short. I blink my eyes and another year has gone by. A client came in last week and claimed that he must have been blind for the last ten years, because he suddenly looked in the mirror and realized that he was ten years older by the aging of his skin. Surprise!

We turn on the television and lives that are so young are being swept away in disaster. Tsunamis can lick up life like a lion lapping up water. We truly don’t know when our last day on this earth is going to be. So, what exactly are we waiting for to be happy?

“I choose today to be happy!” Let’s try that as a new motto for the week. Don’t wait for your income tax check. Don’t wait until your bills are paid. Don’t wait until your chemo treatments are over. Don’t wait for your kids to grow up. Don’t wait for retirement. Don’t be irresponsible either.

Who knows, maybe you won’t have the chance to be happy when any of those things occur. I have had too many friends wait to be happy only to find that they have cancer or a debilitating disease that keeps them from doing anything fun or enjoyable at the final advent of their lives.


Take a ride in a limousine. Let everyone around you believe you are Taylor Swift, as about ten people did when they drove by us yesterday evening. Choose the worth of your life and let it be large and grand. Celebrate the worth God created you to have today!


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