Moving into the White House #dreambig

How big should your dreams be? When I was a child, I dreamed of being the president. I’d assume that many children have imaginations that could reach far beyond an adult’s. But, life takes us on a course where we quickly learn that dreams have to be earned. We also get the idea that prayer should be ask and get, somewhat like what it was like with a parent when we were children. We asked for food, clothes, bicycles. Like magic, it appeared before us for many years.

Unlike most children, I ended up cooking for 5 brother and sisters and a father at the age of eight. I even baked bread and cupcakes for school lunches, because we were poor. As a result of having to work so hard to get along, I developed a work ethic that, sometimes, I can barely believe. I write or edit, most days, for 4-5 hours. The book I’m currently working on, the first draft was done in a month. I simply dream big, work hard, and the rest is up to God, Spiritual Law, and the powers that make things happen in the world.

Last night, at fifty-three, I dreamed that Barack Obama was helping me move my belongings to the White House. For a long time, I have been praying and seeking for a life that would have more purpose, for my books to go viral, and for finances to be in a place where I no longer would have to be concerned. As I prayed, though, the manifestation of my prayers didn’t come in big ways—they came in small parcels. I believe this is so, because, I have been planting my dreams in a small pot, not in the vastness of nature where they can grow as large and as big as a Redwood tree. The vision of the president helping me move is metaphor for transplanting my dreams to a bigger place, a place of authority!

When we pray knowing that we are an individualization of the Creator of all, the most abundant Resource, and the destiny of all destinies, then we realize that our dreams, too, are part of that vast greatness. We can declare our dreams to the subjective mind (the place in spirit where all begins as a seed thought). Then we can easily let the Law of Spirit Divine take our dreams and grow them into the largest tree in the forest. As moving our dreams to the White House is the next step.

Dream Big with me this week, as we share our power of prayer to help each other manifest larger, greater, purposeful lives.

Coming Up: I’ll be speaking more about how to pray—not what to think, but HOW to think effectively, to change your life!


Hello Friendly picture cover

I’m so excited for my sister Cheryl to have her first children’s picture book published. This is a new Thought book for those parents who want to help their children learn the concepts of a bigger, vaster Spiritual Presence.

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