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No matter how many times we think of New Year—NEW ME, most people are more comfortable with living in their old habits than they are able to change to new habits.

It has been discovered that over 60% of people who start out at the gym in January drop off by February. I’m sure by March another 25% leave and are back to their old workaholic or couch-potato habits.

Change is difficult. Getting over the old habits and becoming accustomed to new beliefs and ideas takes total openness. Beside that, change takes an authentic desire. Here are a few ways to help below:


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Every year for the last thirty, I have done a Burning Bowl Ceremony on the eve of the New Year. The process is simple. On a piece of paper, you simply write down all of the things, people, and habits you want to see changed in your life. The things that no longer serve you are at the top of the list.

If you have friendships or relationships that are sucking away your vital life energy, it’s time for those to end.

If you have a job that you have been holding on to because you don’t think you are worthy of a better one, it’s time to begin the releasing process.

If you have been poor your entire life, it’s time to let go of that negative thinking and begin thinking like a prosperous person. You are a reflection of God’s perfection. In this universe there is no lack of anything. Neither is there lack for you or your family.

There is no better time to put away the junk food, the bad health, and the wasted time not exercising. You can do this!

If you have been thinking about a project, but have never started or completed it, it’s time to get it out and finish it.

Simply write everything down that has held you back from your greatest potential. Put that piece of paper in a safe place to burn it. You can say a prayer before it. You can chant. You can sing. You can do nothing. But the ritual itself will help you move on. I promise.

Look for my suggestions tomorrow to tell you what I do on New Year’s Day to apply this new thinking to my next year of prosperous and joyful life!

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