Life on Tilt—Balancing Work with Play

Have you ever had one of those moments in time when life and work seemed to stand still. I was sick with the flu, which didn’t help. The normal phone calls, auditions, referrals were not coming as they usually do. I spent most of the week quiet. This wasn’t a terrible place to be, since my body obviously needed some rest. It almost was as if the universal powers that be made me rest, because I wasn’t taking time on my own.

This week, however, I haven’t stopped. I have gotten job offers, have had 2-3 auditions each day, many clients, and when I come home in the evenings I want to go directly to sleep. Obviously, I must find some kind of balance here.

How do you balance the great prospects of today with the much-needed respite from all of the day’s frenetic energy?

WebMD suggests that we:

  1. Build downtime into your schedule
  2. Drop activities that zap your energy
  3. Rethink your errands
  4. Get moving
  5. Remember that a little relaxation goes a long way!

When I moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida from Nashville, Tennessee a quick 2 1/2 years ago, my goals was to change my life…

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Continued from above:

I wanted to start from the beginning, do what was on my bucket list without excuses, and eradicate all of the negativity from my life, including friends who zapped my energy.

I also decided that I would really vet new friends before I invited them into my life for the long haul. I can honestly say that I have only made a couple of good friends since I’ve been here. A few people seemed to be moving in the right direction of being very important in my life, but just as I began to acquiesce into the friendship, some telling event happened and I simply had to release what wasn’t mine to begin with. This isn’t a bad place to be with friendships, because the people who we draw closest into our lives need to:

  • Upbraid us
  • Give us space to grow without offering too many opinions;
  • Add to our life, not subtract by leaching vital energy;
  • Not be afraid to be intimate and honest with feelings; and
  • Simply be there when you need each other.


The friendship side of the revamping my life has been the most successful. I spend much more time by myself, with family, and with the closest person of all—my fiancé.

Since I’m not exactly convinced at what I want to focus on in the Work Arena, work has become a hodgepodge of too many doors opening at the same time, which can make anyone crazy.

I have acquired a couple of great acting agents. Since that time, I had committed to taking every audition offered to me. I realize now that I may need to cut back from all of the perceived opportunity and spend a little more time quiet about what is the most appropriate place for me to be everyday.

In my belief system about the universe, if something—anything—stands in the way of your ultimate purpose on this earth, it will be gone before you can say WAIT A MINUTE!

This happened to me recently with my church job. I was simply gave it too much time, and it zapped me of vital energy. At the same time it offered the premise of doing something wonderful for caring and loving friends, it also took 2/3rds of my work time. In hindsight, I realize that I didn’t fully look at the entire picture; otherwise I would have left the position some time ago or reorganized the job to suit me, not the other way around.

We have to remember in our lives that we are at the helm of the ship—steering our lives. If you don’t like something that is happening in your life, who else but you can make the change? You have to deliberately take time to rest and meditate on what honors you and benefits your life in a prosperous way. If something doesn’t do one of those two things, it needs to be reconsidered.

This week, take a look at all you do in your life and make some strong decisions about how you will proceed to next week. If you are exhausted all of the time, you need to rethink about your priorities. Something has to change or you will never be happy.

Make a list of what you do. Start from there. Decide what should take priority. If your health is not at the top of the list, you need to reorganize immediately!


You don’t get to this voice if reason or recognize it unless you spend time with yourself in silence, asking yourself important self-talk questions. This is like dating. You must get to know the voice of the Spirit by spending time in meditation and silence. This is the only I know to clearly download the power of wisdom and recognize the voice—IN TIMES OF TRAUMA—that is always directing YOU into safety!


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