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Jesus said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all people to me!” He didn’t say, “Tell me all of your problems, believe them, I’ll believe them with you, and we can—together—cry for your losses and horrible future!” Instead, he require us to “lift up” each other in consciousness.”

In Hebrews 11:3 we read: “… things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” The truth in action is about what we believe to be true and how much consciousness we place in our beliefs. This truth has been around since the first century and is still perfectly valid today.

We can do our best to treat for a wonderful and abundant life. But, often, we have those naysayers in our life that come to us with their complaints and woes. Is it wrong to not believe or “buy into” their negativity? Can we be compassionate friends to them without, also, believing in their truths?

I think the best and most compassionate people have learned to be support for people, but not accept another person’s reality as their own. This is the only way we can help anyone successfully move from distress to happiness. To believe in the woes of another is to give a condition power. We must treat for others in the positive, the same way we treat for ourselves: seeing the truth—not the effect, and seeing all of this in the Present, as if it has already happened!”

Remember: The only way a condition in your life can stay alive—is in your mind. When the condition disappears from the mind of the person holding on to it, the condition ceases to exist for that person. This is the first step to ridding your life of negativity. The only thing keeping negativity alive is consciousness. If the mind no longer holds the energy of a negative condition, the condition, itself, has no other place to go but—disappear from existence! So, our treatment for negativity in the world and in our lives has to begin in our own minds. “Conditions are not life forms.” We, however, are life forms and have the power to keep positive or negative energy alive in our lives and on Earth.

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