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Most of us can understand that our thoughts affect the manifest world around us. If you don’t believe this concept, you can certainly see how thoughts affect those people around you in their own bodies.

Ernest Holmes says in the Science of Mind:

“Suppose that man lets go of a thought… that he is finished with it; but such is not the case, for thought becomes subjectified in Mind—like a seed planted in the soil—unless neutralized, it stays there and determines the attraction and repulsion in the experience of the one thinking it. There is a constant action on the subjective side of life; and it is the unconscious process that decides what is going to happen in the outer experience.”

So, according to the Science of Mind, the same book where Louise Hay has gotten all of her inspiration about healing the body, we must use the body and its manifestations to see the reflected inner thought in our own subconscious, so that we can begin to neutralize the old thoughts and make them ineffective in our lives and most especially in our corporal bodies.

So, what of the person who doesn’t seem to have a problem and is still manifesting illness? The Subjective Conscious or Divine Mind does not have a will of its own. So, if you had planted a seed in the Divine Mind thirty years ago, (the same as planting a seed in the soil), and you have not plucked it out or uprooted it; then, the results or fruit of that thought will still manifest in your world. Divine Mind doesn’t have a will of its own and cannot read your mind. It 0nly does what you tell it to do.

The other aspect about Subjective Consciousness and its ability to keeping creating what we planted years ago, is that we are subject to the Law, no matter if we understand it or believe in it or even know of it.

Just like the laws of the city of country, our ignorance of not knowing we shouldn’t kill someone does not exonerate us from the reciprocity of murder in the eyes of the law. The law operates and continues to operate without our knowledge. So, for life to be lived fully, we understand the Law of Mind to use IT to our benefit.

This is clearer in our use of the Law for wholeness of mind and body. Even the most adept spiritual teachers still stay very alert to the signals from their own bodies and attend to the problem therein. For me, this is a daily practice. Even tension resulting in a headache comes from somewhere. If we stay conscious of not manifesting tension, we certainly stay healthier. Tension, of course, can come from fear or anxiety, both of which express from our own subconscious.

Most of my friends in the ministry have either been very sick or have recovered from some deadly illness. Because of understanding the Law of Wholeness, they had to become the Physicians the Master Jesus instructs us to be in His statement: “Physician, Heal Thyself!”

So, when someone is sick and doesn’t have a clear idea of why, it is still his or her own responsibility to look inward to find the truth. Everything in this manifest world is a Divine lesson to move us forward on our path to truth and, ultimately, to complete liberation and peace. My own illnesses have kept me perplexed most of my life. But they, also, have taught me most of my biggest lessons.


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