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This past year has been such an adventure. I moved to a new city, state, culture, near my family, and changed churches. Most of what I do with my time is completely different than it has ever been before. It is as if I half-retired and then spread my wings to try many different and interesting ways to flow with the energy of God.

What a joy to feel precious life flowing through me in every moment, fully experiencing each precious breath of God as it happens.

This New Year I have no new resolutions. I simply want to continue to be more fluid in my choices and decisions. I am know that all of my choices and yours come from a more and more organic place in ours souls, expressing in ways that will not only bring us joy, but enlightenment and—most importantly—enliven the world. That is always my prayer.

I am knowing that your New Year will bring with it, prosperous thought, right relationships, and work that will always fill you with joy. We have a Spirit within us that never tires when we are living in and as the power that manifests through us. Remember that as you make your New Year’s choices for change and turn your dreams into reality, to do so in the present! Pray as if you already have what you dream. This is faith in action!

Lots of love,


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