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It has been discovered that over 60% of people who start out intending on some behavior change in January drop off by February. I’m sure by March another 25% leave and are back to their old workaholic or couch-potato habits.

Change is difficult. Getting over the old habits and becoming accustomed to new beliefs and ideas takes total openness. Beside that, change takes an authentic desire. Here are a few ways to help below:


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Yesterday I decided on two New Year’s resolutions. The first one is to stop being critical of those around me—in my mind and out loud! The second was to stop drinking alcohol. Two sips of champagne last night before midnight was the end for me.

I don’t have much of a problem with each of these behaviors, but I want to continue to grow as an individual always. I know judging anyone, including myself, is a difficult matter to change, especially when we spend most days looking at the world with a quizzical eye and wondering what the hell!”

Personally, after I woke up on New Year’s Day and meditated, just one hour later, I had already broken my promised not to judge. Not once. Not twice, but three times.

My mother is visiting! Wow, the past brings up so much old behavior that the frontal cortex of the brain doesn’t have a chance to make a different choice before one has already emotionally reacted.

This is actually a physiological fact, especially with those with Post Traumatic Stress syndrome. Therapists also believe deep Attachment Disorders would carry the same impact on the brain’s functionality.

So, in changing our behavior, we have to be as compassionate to ourselves as we are to a child if we were trying to guide that child out of old, negative behavior. We don’t scold! We remind our children with a stern and steady hand.

An adult mind has a great advantage over the child’s mind. The adult can begin to see the triggers before of the behavior and avoid the triggers. This helps alleviate the problem. With the child, the triggers probably haven’t developed so strongly, yet. Neuropathic behavior strengthens as the behavior continues in life. So, children are best to train at a young age.

As an adult, I know that family is probably the only thing that can get under my skin. I don’t want to avoid them, because I seriously love my family. I simply must make better boundaries.

Sometimes when my mother is talking, I actually put her through a filter in my mind. I half-listen. This keeps me from being so reactionary. However, what I was complaining about this morning to my fiancé was about her controlling behavior towards me and the family. I’m fairly certain this is not going to change. She’s 84 and has no desire to change. So, avoiding the triggers is my best chance at having a good relationship with her and keeping myself at peace.

With these kinds of emotional changes, we have to be completely compassionate to ourselves and keep good boundaries until we’ve discovered the truth about life: That there is only One Mind! Somewhere, somehow, that One Mind is reflecting something we need to learn or understand or be compassionate to through the people we love the most.

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