No Do-Overs: #Suicide and #Suicidal Thoughts

On a cold day in winter, after I had lived in Nashville for one year, a friend from New Jersey called me who attended my church. He wanted me to be the last person he would talk to before the overdose, he just took, began to take effect. He shared with me that he just didn’t love life enough to stay with us. He said that his gay life was too painful, and he would rather be with God. At that time, I was a very devout Christian minister, and reminded him of the scripture that suggests, that if you take your own life, this is the worst sin. At that time, I believed in hell, and I thought my friend’s soul was destined for it.

As he was from 500 miles away, for some reason, he thought I could do nothing about his fate. But, after talking with him and saying goodbye, I looked up his address, called the local police, and saved him from his own misdoing. About two months later, I received a phone call from him. Though, he wasn’t angry with me, he was still depressed. I suggested that he see a psychologist and find some medicine that would help him with his depression.

My friend was one of 750,000 suicide attempts in the U.S. a year. This fact, according to Suicide.org, is rather amazing; but, only 30,000 of those 750,000 attempts, actually die. The main cause of these attempts is untreated depression.

So, most people who try suicide are crying out for help. Can we hear them? I had a doctor friend who had four children. His youngest child just couldn’t seem to kick drugs. He would start college, be doing fine, then, suddenly, my friend would get a call. His son was in the hospital because of an overdose. My dear friend tried to help in every way, even giving up his personal life to take care of and nurture his son. They went on mission trips together. They even both got engaged at the same time. Two weeks before the intended marriage, my friend’s son hung himself. Suicide is real. Depression is real. But, how much have we done as a nation and a society to help stop it? I’m not sure that we’ve done enough.

Three of my dearest friends in the world have committed suicide, with no indication in my mind that anything was even wrong. In fact, I would say the successful suicides are well thought out and are enacted without a hitch. The only issue is the right time and the perfect storm of emotions to make the act actually happen. Two of the three of my friends successfully killed themselves when they had begun a regimen of a new antidepressant for only about two weeks. One of the issues with taking an antidepressant is the risk of suicide in the first three weeks of taking the medication. If you have a client or friend who just started a new psychotropic medication, the effects of a new antidepressant can be euphoric and cause a sense of fearlessness, which causes someone who is planning suicide the perfect opportunity to enact a deed that would be frightening for most.

Be aware and get the fact. Maybe, you, too, can help someone silently crying out for help!

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