Not Everything Old Needs to Be Replaced

Not Everything Old Needs to be Replaced

Something Old Beats Something New.

I have this shower that I thought I was going to replace ever since I moved into my house. I have never liked it. Mold seemed to grow from every corner always. When I would try to deal with the mold with bleach and new caulking, the mold would grow back as fast as I would caulk it like savage roaches under a carpet with cake crumbs.

Alas, my savior Steve, my handyman and partner, moves in and says: “I can fix that.”

I’m thinking, right.. I’ve tried to do that about 10 times, which is clear by the ten inches of caulk that looks like a child has shoved into each corner playing with finger paints.

A little aside: Steve watches 2 hours of home and garden channel every day.

Steve starts talking about drying the shower, cutting away the old, really bad job the last person did (I never told him it was me), and beading the caulking and getting the kind of caulking that doesn’t mold. Suddenly, I’m thinking, this man may be on to something I never thought of.

Today, I took a shower in what looks like a brand new model shower. I can’t believe how beautiful it looks. He doesn’t even know how great of a job he is capable of doing, even though I’ve doted and gooed. It looks as professional as if it were brand new. I’m amazed, because I have stood in it for 4 years griping.

He’s my hero today. I’m thankful for old things being restored. And also for my old mind needing a fixin’. Not everything has be replaced to beautiful again.

That’s a good lesson for my feeble mind.


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