NYC Subway Sign Prank Draws Millions

I lived in NYC for about 15 years, rode the subway almost everywhere I couldn’t walk, but never did I know that a subway engineer has to point to the Metro Subway sign indicating the correct stop every time and at every point on his route, to prove he’s paying attention. Apparently, some prankster decided to make signs that were funny, such as, “If you are not wearing pants, point here!” She directed the sign where the subway engineer would have to point to it. In most circumstances, the prank made the serious subway drivers smile or laugh. I wonder what video clips were thrown away.

Personally, riding the subway was generally a hellish experience, especially during rush hour. On any given day you could be crushed up against six different people on all sides of you, each having a different aroma, infused with the smell of engine oil and sweat. Forget about being claustrophobic. Breathing your own air would be a rare commodity while riding on the crowded train. Yet, millions do it daily.

When I lived in New York, the first time, it was right out of college. My apartment was on the first floor of a five-story walk-up in Hell’s Kitchen. That meant that when the steam heater began to advance to the upper floors it would clang on the iron of the register in my bedroom so loud that it could wake a sleeping giant. Roaches as big as my fist also came to visit from the basement. Mice that enjoyed feasting on any crumb or morsel would dance the jig every night on my refrigerator. Occasionally, one would run across my foot as I talked on the phone. Two or three times I got into bed with a roach. And, the pis de resistance eating meals on an ironing board with a board across it.

If any of this were the scenario of my life today, I would be freaked out to the point of wanting to move. Of course, I would call exterminators, set traps, and keep every piece of food in the house in Tupperware. But then, roaches, mice and subways smells were just part of life. Actually, these were the things that framed the experience of living on one’s own in the biggest cities in the US. As the song says, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere!” I always felt that having to endure disgusting drunks peeing in doorways, pimps on street corners, and pushers trying to sell a dime bag, were all a part of the pretty picture I called “making it.”

I’m amazed at my own moxie, looking back. I really didn’t think I had it in me to go to a strange, huge city with only $1000 and two pieces of luggage and begin the tough life of an actor. But somehow the glamour of the process seemed too alluring for words. I still remember the bus I took from Pittsburgh coming out of the Holland Tunnel and seeing the bold city lights glaring like the Las Vegas strip begging for my money and attention.

Even using every bit of the money you made every day for dancing and acting classes, getting up at the break of dawn for audition to be first in a line of hundreds, then running back to work to make a few more buck to start all over again the next day, became like a cocaine addiction. Everyone around me was an energy addict. It was a city of people on Red Bull, generally. And every meal was shared with someone, every evening was spent doing something different and interesting, and I never seemed to be out of energy.

Then I grew up. Suddenly, everything became too difficult to manage. Finding an affordable place to live, making enough money to eat and survive took the place of getting to auditions. Soon, I would find myself more interested in impressing my boss at the law firm in which I temped, more than the producer of that Broadway show. That’s when I knew my train had terminated. I looked out the subway window and pointed my finger somewhere sane, normal, and much much slower!


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