The dictionary defines this word as not aware or not concerned about what is happening around us. How many people do you know that are completely oblivious to life, relationship, or work ethic?

Last night I was at an ice cream joint with a friend. The line was out of the door. Four people were behind the counter. Three of them were talking and carrying on with each other. Only one was waiting on customers. Everyone in the line was thinking the same thing I was: The other three people are totally oblivious to the fact that we would all like to be waited on in the next hour. A feeling of infuriation arose in me.

Yesterday, I was on a two-lane street with a woman whose head could barely reach over the steering wheel. She drove fifteen miles an hour below the speed limit, when, of course, I had to be at an appointment on time. The woman was oblivious, or maybe just too old to care!

In situations like this, my first thought is my own ability to have empathy and compassion for those around me, sometimes to my detriment. I’m most often concerned and even rattled by the feeling of disappointing people in situations, when people are waiting on me, or I may be late for an appointment. I wonder what I would feel if I had more of a sense of oblivion in those situations. What if, instead of lack of responsibility and compassion, these people are simply doing what they need to do with no respect of what other’s think? In so doing, they are really relying on God or Spirit to direct their paths, instead allowing the weight of other’s desires to manipulate them?

When we are in situations that mirror oblivion, we are all reflecting off of each other things we need to work on in ourselves. I believe that since I have been confronted with this kind of oblivious behavior, that maybe I should consider enhancing my life with a bit more of this “letting go of other’s judgment” into my life and being a little more oblivious to the angst of what other’s feel. After all, I can’t control everyone or everything. So, I might as well acquiesce to living life without concern of other’s? (That is probably stepping a little too far over my compassion boundary.)

I’m sure, if I tried hard enough, I could find a great balance between being totally oblivious to others’ needs and being overly concerned about how everyone is affected by me. If traffic is slow moving and I’m late, could it be that God is responsible and that I should simply make a phone call to let someone know that I’m trying my best to be there on time, but a wreck has detained me? Or in a situation where twenty people are waiting to speak to me, if I just settle into the idea that each person deserves a certain amount of time to feel taken care of, I would be just fine? I can’t possibly do anymore than I’m already doing to appease all these people, so just let go and relax. Here’s to just a bit of oblivion in life!

Coming Up: I’ll be spending some time looking at prosperity—how to achieve it, why it’s not coming, and how to step forward into your dreams!


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