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Two dear friends are moving at the same time I am. We’ve all noticed that when we get to a drawer or a box of old photos, we press the pause button. I have spent an hour or two unpacking boxes with photos, only to keep 3-5 of them and trash the rest. The reason why I kept the ones I did was because they were of my grandmother or mother when they both were young. I like the idea of seeing them vibrant and healthy! The rest—what are we to do with all these memories—some bad, some great? My mom even had a picture of my dead grandmother in a casket! Really?

The picture of our past represent times we wanted to remember; otherwise, we wouldn’t have taken or kept the photographs in the first place. Ten to fifty years ago, remember that it wasn’t so easy to get a camera, film, and then pay for the development of a photograph. The cost was high and the sentiment deeper than today. However, as I sorted through my past by means of these pictures, I realized that the more I held on to old memories, the less room I had for new and wonderful memories.

An old hypnosis “walk-down” exists that really tells this story: The hypnotist gets the client very relaxed and takes him/her into a hallway of doors. When the client walks down the hallway, he or she begins as a young person, as early as he/she can remember. Then, the hypnotist invites the client to imagine holding a basket. As the client begins down the hallway, he or she is to imagine that it is the pathway of life. As in life, you meet many people as you grow older: friends, old teachers, enemies, family, abusers, and lovers. Each memory comes out of a door as a person from your past and hands you something that represents who they were to you, as he or she places an object in your basket. By the time you get to the present moment, your basket is so heavy that you can’t hold it any longer—with good and bad icons from the past. At the end of the hallway of door, you get to an golden, light-filled archway that has a wide gap between you and a blissful place. To get to this heavenly paradigm of peace and joy, you must take a large leap. If you don’t put down the basket, you will never make it to the new place. The story is: Can you lay down all of the past—the good and the past to see exactly who you are without this heavy mantel draped over you? Can you live without all that has shaped you and trust that you have kept what you need in your soul to take this huge leap into a new day?

I love this metaphoric trip and have been sorting out the very things that keep me from experiencing all that I can be today and tomorrow. Forget about the past and how it has weighed you down for so long. The past has never served you. Even its lessons are here with you in the present. The lessons don’t linger with the memory of the old. Our present thought has been forged by the past. This would be as if you brought a drill, a hammer, and chiseling tools to the next art exhibit of your beautiful sculpture. We don’t need to see the tools to experience the beauty that the past has carved into your life!


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