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A friend comes from all the way across the ocean to visit you for 10 days. You decide to take the time off from work and join him on a fabulous vacation. He books a great hotel by the beach. You pack your car with half of your life—because you can—and journey off into the unknown. You’re excited! You have anticipated showing him the sights. You have a few “maybe’s” about what to do. You can feel your heart pounding with anticipation.

The friend arrives. The first day is glorious. Then suddenly, your friend is not on board with the fun and games you have planned. He wants to sit at his computer and get some work done. He is sad about leaving home. He basically has a completely different idea about having fun as you do.

You cannot force him to have fun. You may have plenty of things on the schedule that might be fun, but if he wants to be in a state of flux, fear, or misses home so much he can’t see straight. What if, on top of all of this, he is going through a life challenge that needs your compassion? Then you have decided to have a vacation with someone who needs your help, rather than needs your company to have fun. Is that okay with you? Are you all right with Spirit taking your time to help someone else through a dilemma or life crisis while you are on vacation?

This is the metaphor of our lives. Every day we plan most of our day with fervor. Some of us have so much on the schedule that you have allotted no time for personal challenges or joy. However, in this day, many things can happen that can change your schedule and your attempt to have a great time, get work done, or check off a few things on your “to-do” list. My question to you is: ARE YOU OKAY WITH THE CHALLENGE THAT COMES FROM LIFE HAPPENING TO YOU?

If you are not okay with life taking away your plan, then you might as well go back home and spend the day in bed. Life is inevitably going to make some edits to your plans whether you like it or not. The trick is to get out of the idea that life is happening to you, and get on the right track with the idea that LIFE IS HAPPENING WITH YOU.

My advice today is about how to deal with the inevitable change that is bound to happen in any given situation you plan. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Resist making any kind of assumptions about the day. A plan is okay. A plan is only the framework of the day, though. Say to yourself before the day begins, to Spirit, to God, to whomever you pray to, “I am open and willing for change to happen. Today is a day for the Divine Hand of God to lead me to my perfect destiny!”
  2. When something happens that you did not intend in your day, immediately tell yourself this is Spirit intervening. This is not something negative trying to stop you from getting your chores done. Your “chores being done” is the not on Spirit’s list of things for you to learn. LIFE is the number one lesson on Spirit’s list of things for you do.
  3. Meditate to prepare your mind for the day. When you begin with an openness to Spirit intervening, then you already have given room for Spirit to live, move, and have its being in your life. Also, in these quiet times, Spirit prepares you for what to do. It’s as if a mental download happens and you already know some of the answers as you flow with life.
  4. Tell yourself that everything is good, whether the situation appears negative or not. Things are only negative when you look at them from a negative perspective. I bet you can find a positive way to look at almost anything that happens to you today.

This is your discovery. Try to find a way to reframe everything that happens to you today into something positive! Be prepared for change. Flow with it. Ultimately, learn from it.


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