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When I visited St. Maarten, I went to a beautiful butterfly sanctuary. La Ferme des Papillon, operated by a man whose interest in the butterfly supersedes anyone I’ve ever known. Our adventure began with a seminar in the life of a caterpillar from egg to butterfly. What I had never understood about the metamorphosis is that when the caterpillar wraps itself in the cocoon, its entire body liquefies. From that liquid, its DNA changes shape and form. What a tremendous miracle! More than that, this can be a metaphor of change for us humans.

We are born to the earth, much like the butterfly’s first form, crawling and mewling like the caterpillar. We slowly investigate the world from the vantage point of the earth. We taste and feel the shapes of life as we skim the rough surfaces beneath. As we mature, we finally find a place of peace and refuge high above the rough surfaces of the earth. In that place, we build a home—a sanctuary, in which we can gather our energy and begin to understand our existence from this perch.

Soon, spirit intercedes and begins to change us from within, much like the caterpillar who surges ahead from a solid to a liquid. Liquid or water has always been a rite of spiritual change, even as baptism with water has been a spiritual passage for hundreds of years.

What I’ve noticed most about the latter years of our human lives is that everything either seems to be timeless or the seconds seem to be quickening. In the human body, time goes by so quickly, I can barely keep up with what day it is. But in the spirit, life becomes a strong OHM, monotone and consistent, like the monks of the Christian church who sequester themselves in the rocky mountains over the sea sides of Greece. The fluid chants fly on the wings of the wind throughout the entire day and night.

The life of the winged butterfly is short in comparison to most. The Monarch butterfly, if it is among the first to third generation can live from two to six weeks. Because of the migration of the fourth generation Monarch, it can live up to 8 months. Still, the time of the butterfly is short on this earth. It seems to live with vibrancy and beauty long enough to help humans understand the ephemeral nature of time and existence. (Taken from www.FindingAuthenticYou.com)


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