ONE MIND: Project Know-It-All

People of all ages and races begin life with one goal: becoming knowledgeable enough to proceed without guidance.

  • Kids want to leave their parents.
  • Subordinates want to become bosses.
  • College students want to become Masters.
  • Hospital Residents want to become doctors.

We achieve this knowledge or care from someone else who has already gone through the steps of learning. This is one of the circles of life. If you’re a great teacher, your hope is always that your student will not only master what you have imparted, but that he or she will excel beyond your parameters.

Even Jesus said about healing the sick, raising the dead, cleansing the lepers, or casting out demons:

you can do these things and more.”

Jesus’s hope was that humans would learn our Earth lessons and go on to become Masters as He is. Even more importantly, though: that we would do even greater things.

Jesus had faith that this would happen because he understood the secret of ONE MIND. He understood the elemental understanding that every day humanity learns a little bit more about life, technology, and above all—truth!

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Continued from Above:

The Buddha said:

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.”

However, is it more important to:

  • build a home or have the organization skills to plan the building?
  • to be able to make money or learn to invest what you have?
  • to take yoga lessons to do the poses perfectly or to understand yoga’s concepts to become adept in Mind and Spirit?

Gaining the wisdom of the ages is not about conquering the world, building a castle to the sky, or mastering any of its concepts for fame or forture. Gaining wisdom is:

to learn to live a healthy life without fear, in peace, and with joy—to do this while not harming others or the earth.

The greatest teachers will always share that even their own mastery of any subject is limited.

Never stop learning, my friend. When we stop our desire to learn, we die—first spiritually, then physically.

Learning is why we have incarnated as humans. So, if you’re tired of learning the lessons of being human, you might as well just go to work, make enough money to pay the bills, become a couch potato, and wait for death.

Nothing is worse than encountering people who feel as if they have learned enough. They become arrogant and self-serving, never listening to others. When we don’t listen, we cut ourselves off from others. When we cut ourselves off from others then we isolate.

Isolation is torture to the human soul. We need others to survive, to learn, to grow, and ultimately to aid in our lives. Think about it:

even if you had all of the money in the world, you would still need people to help you when you get sick. You would need those who stock the grocery shelves. You would need the mailman. You would need the electrician who makes or fixes the computer. Not one human being can live in total isolation without the help of others.

We see movies about someone getting trapped on an island for years (Cast Away) and having to fend for himself. Even this character finds fantasy people with which to communicate.

We are systemically a culture of pack animals. Even if you love spending time by yourself, you inevitably will come out of your silence and desire to go out in public to do something that will require the action of another human being.

I believe that all of this rhetoric above leads us to a greater understanding of that which created us. This all knowing, all loving, all powerful omniscient being made us with the capacity to learn to be like it, as it. There is only One Mind. When you tap into this concept your ability to learn will multiply by leaps and bounds. When you release fear and realize that your mind already knows everything, you simply just need to be reminded; then, suddenly, you wake that 90% of your brain that has never worked before. You become part of the large system of thought, the race mind.

In this race mind is every human thought every thought and all of the ideas that have yet to be discovered. Meditation is how we access this ONE MIND. We let go of our limited thinking, our isolated thoughts, and make room in our hearts and minds for greater ideas and thoughts. This is being a co-creator, made in the image of God.


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