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How difficult is it to believe that One Mind made the entire universe? Most of us, in fact 84% of the world, believe that a power exists that is called God. If we breakdown what we believe, we would consider that there was a source of power (God) that decided it wanted to create. Hence, it spoke its word into the depths of the darkness (the creative Mind). The worlds were, then, created. No one knows how long this took. Scientists and creationists would fight about this fact. But, ultimately, that fact simply doesn’t matter, when you when you consider the grandiosity that we speak of.

My point, though, is that there had to be a PLACE to create; otherwise, there would be no universe. In some cultures, for instance, the Tao would say that the darkness is sacred, because from the darkness—in the darkness—the universe formed. I would have to agree with this premise, because this unused energy was readily available for God to create. Since we are made in the image of God, hence the offspring of God, we may create using this same energy as well.

This place is called One Mind. This is the one place that everyone in totality shares, because it was out of this matter we, too, were created. Or, as it is said “we were in the mind of God” at the beginning. So, how hard is it to stretch your belief one step further to imagine that this One Mind, because it is shared by all, can also be used to treat or help others?

For me, it seems right and just that God would provide a place for all of us to converge to help each other, regain strength, and even, perhaps, gain insight together.

I speak a lot about meditation and encourage you, almost daily, to meditate. But, the place IN MIND that you must go to make all of this happen is not in your body. It is not in your brain. It is, however, in the part of your Consciousness that observes and dreams. So, if you can imagine a friend’s cancer healed, that person should be able to feel your thoughts, because we share One Mind.

You may have already experienced this with a close friend or relative. You are so tightly knit, that you know each other’s thoughts and feelings. I have a few friends like this. I believe the reason I feel them and sense their thoughts is because I think about them often. When I imagine them, my mind and their minds unity. When this happens, we experience the same thoughts and feelings.

This is why many people praying at the same time is an effective way to make change. The power of prayer exponentially grows when the intention of many people come together in one place–IN ONE MIND. If you have ever experienced thousands of people praying together, you would know what I mean.

So, today, simply think about exiting your self-thoughts and entering into a place of One Mind. Simply imagine the possibility of unity. That’s all that it takes to begin this process.


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