One Realistic View of the Future as Retirement Age Shifts to 67 Years Old

I had often thought that I would never #retire. I’m the kind of guy who often juggles 5 balls over my head and keeps my life floating perfectly and peacefully most days. I cannot imagine sitting around doing nothing. Even if I were to travel abroad, I see myself speaking about something that concerns me and the world, such as veganism, or peace, or spirituality… “SOMETHING” definitely not “NOTHING.” I don’t want to or need to or even dream of retiring into nothingness.

When you think about your particular #view_of_the_future, where does your mind automatically settle? Do you see yourself securely retiring with enough money? Do you imagine a cataclysmic world shake-up, where you have no idea what will happen? Do you see that you steadily move toward a quiet end with someone you love? Do you see yourself continuing to work, never retiring, and sustaining a life that builds to a grand finale?

I’ve always fantasize about people who live the normal, rather typical dream. They finish school, get married, have a family, raise children, work a little harder to have a great financial cushion, retire early, spend the rest of their days visiting children and traveling the world. It does sound quite lovely and even idyllic. But, do I see myself in this paradigm? Heaven’s no. I would be bored stiff.


So, my question is: How many people my age (56) or older are thinking: I have no desire to retire completely? I want to continue being of use to the world.

If the result of this survey is high, then I wonder how many people above the age of 65 will be working by the time I reach retirement age.

AARP writes:

“The number of workers over age 75 who work is still a small phenomenon as a percentage of the population, but it’s definitely trending upward,” says Sara Rix, senior strategic policy adviser with the AARP Public Policy Institute and an expert on older workers. “It might accelerate if people were able to make midlife career changes more easily. Who wants to do the same thing for 20 more years that they’ve been doing for a long time? Many people now working into their late 70s and 80s have careers with a lot of variety that helps keep work interesting and enjoyable.”

Further quantifying my thought, Fortune.com writes:

Data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the U.S. workforce has a record-breaking number of workers aged 65 and older— almost 20% of over 65s are working — as first reported by Bloomberg.

This data is in line with Congress’ decision to delay the retirement age from 65 to 67 for people born after 1960—and experts agree that many of us will retire even later.

As I write this blog, I’m reading about this congressional decision to change retirement age from 65 to 67 for the first time. I had no idea. Interestingly, though, I fall right at the cut off deadline, as I was born in 1960. The only facet of this decision that actually involves me is if I will be able to collect some sort of supplemental income after paying into Social Security my entire life. This would be great.

Honestly, I can hardly believe that I’m only 5 years away from an early retirement. This doesn’t seem physically possible. It was only yesterday I had begun college, moved to New York to be an actress… I mean actor, and actually, wasn’t yesterday I was engaged to a woman? My goodness my life has changed. Can I count on it to continue to change as drastically as it has the rest of my life? I certainly hope so.

Life never stops being a mysterious surprise when you wake up everyday and are led by the whispers of the Universe. Try it sometime. Maybe you won’t be so quick to think retirement is the most idyllic choice for the future.



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