One Step Further

One Step Further

I woke up yesterday. It seemed like it was going to be a normal day. Everything looked the same as the day before. The dog was by my bed begging to go out for his morning walk. My cereal tasted the same. The ride in the car to yoga was the same. Nothing much changed in the life of Bo.

Then it happened. I was taking a nap midday when I heard my mother gasp and then cry. “She has what? OH MY GOD!”

Turns out, my 35-year-old niece was diagnosed with cancer yesterday. What a strange turn of events. Who would have guessed a rather healthy young lady would be diagnosed with cervical cancer? Certainly not me.

I lay in my bed and prayed. Perhaps in another place and time I would have leaped from my bed and engaged in the drama. This moment, I didn’t. I stayed where I was and prayed. I didn’t even know what was going on and who was hurt, but I knew I would soon find out. It didn’t matter to me in spirit. No matter who it was, I would do the same thing—pray for guidance and for that person.

You see, to me the world is somewhat randomly doing its worldly thing: sickness, floods, cyclones, tsunamis, ravaging storms, and tornados. We have to just be prepared spiritually and mentally to do what we can do to help those in need and keep ourselves at peace “like a crystal in chaos,” I keep hearing in my prayers.

Can we reverse the way of the wind? Probably not.

Can we help heal the sick? Sometimes.

We just have to stay quiet and listen. That’s our job as spiritual warriors. The world keeps doing its worldly thing. That’s what it does. It keeps making rain and storms and certain types of wind will create tornados. It’s not bad luck. It’s life! Get ready for it. Prepare your soul and try to stay in a peaceful place for when it happens. Because it will happen over and over again. And you may be surprised, or you may be like me in my bed taking a nap, not so willing to engage one more time. But ready to stay at peace find out what it is that I am to do spiritually to help.

That’s all we really can do. I am a compassionate, loving person. And I promise that I will be to my niece when I see her. But for now, the best thing I can be doing is staying centered. It helps no one for you to be frantic and depleted energeticly with anxiety and stress. You are not good for the world and for your own life if you can not stay centered and in your truth. Your truth is “All things happen for the good.” We believe that everyday, no matter what. There will be good at the end of this rainbow. And I know it. I trust it to be true in this moment and for every moment that goes by in my life.   Amen.

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