Oops, We Baked too Much!

Oops, We Baked too Much!

How many times have you gone by that rack at Kroger that says WE BAKED TOO MUCH and saw something that screamed at you “BUY ME!” when you know you shouldn’t… believed you shouldn’t… your thighs told you, you shouldn’t buy anything, and still did?

Well, honey, I went by yesterday and picked up 4 apple croissant and ate three by 8 pm last night and gained another pound. If you haven’t been following, that makes 3 extra pounds, because my plan to get the first two off didn’t work.

I feel like the guy who made “Super Size It,” the movie, going from one fast food chain to the next trying purposely to prove his point that fast food will kill you.

Okay, I get it. I am on this diet plan with you. I should be taking my own advice and not succumbing to trouble food. But, alas, my pants fit–TODAY. I feel happy–TODAY. I’m not in an emergency lose weight place–TODAY! But damn it, 3 pounds is 3 pounds. And I feel bloated. I’ve got to get it off now. And not all my pants have stretchy velcro on them.

Wouldn’t you know, tonight I’m supposed to be out partying with friends, which means extra calories. Well, I ate a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also did an hour yoga class this morning. All I really have to do this evening is not drink high caloric drinks. What could that be??? vodka tonic; water; run and diet coke, low cal beer… There are a few choices that won’t make me fatter.

Here’s the deal. To get the three pounds off, I have not only got to meet my normal diet requirements, but I have to decrease my normal intake of calories and carbs and fat, and/or increase the amount of activity to burn away the fat. One or the other, or a combination of both would be the best way to do this.

Tomorrow I have to work, which means sitting on my butt most of the day, so I’d better plan on a good walk or a swim at the end of the day for an aerobic workout. Aerobics are so important in losing weight. Working, fortunately inhibits me from eating all day. I can’t snack and vocal coach and hypnotize at the same time. I can drink lots of water, though. That always helps.

Okay, by reading my blog today, can you get five pointers in what to do to lose weight, if you have made some mistakes in  the past few days and gained a few pounds?


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