Oscar Mishap: Mistakes Showing Our Humanity

After watching the Oscar Mishap made by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, last night, the take-away for me is that we are all capable of making mistakes. Most people put movie stars and sports personalities on a pedestal. However, they are completely fallible—as are all of us. Oscar_Mishaps_Mistakes are a universal message crying out to the world today:

Life is about becoming more compassionate to others and especially to yourself!

Forbes, Inc. has a great quote:

Good employees make mistakes. Great Leader Allow them to!

When we feel like we are above mistakes, i.e. Donald Trump, we sit in a seat called narcissism, which is the scariest place to be in the world for the people around that person. I believe this is why things like the Oscar_mishap_mistake happen. As a result, as a country we are more likely now to see the difference in making a simple mistake and using people’s shortcomings to manipulate the world!

Something similar to the Oscar_mishap happened to well-known commenter and beloved game show host, Steve Harvey, at the Miss Universe Pageant. He announced the incorrect winner at the end and had to immediately say he was incorrect to the horror of all those involved. Yes, people still talk about it. But, he simply said he was sorry and didn’t hold onto the guilt. This probably helped him to be more of star in my eyes. Though he may not get hired to do that job again, he will always be known for his humble mistake.

What mistakes have you witnessed lately that you have made or someone close to you…

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Continued from Above:

… that you should redirect toward a compassionate resolve? I hope you can see that the only way anyone learns on this Earth is by making mistakes. The way we recognize our own fallibility is by seeing our inabilities every day—our humanity. When we witness the problems and mistakes of others, we perceive them as a chance to forgive, not only the person who made the mistake, but to forgive ourselves.

For almost 20 years of my life I either worked full-time or part-time as an editor for large publishers or independently for multi-national corporations correcting errors. What I learned in the process is that even the biggest publishers recognize that each published book—even after it has been carefully combed over by copy editors, bosses, authors, and lastly proofreaders—is still going to have 20 or more mistakes. This is the norm.

I remember one time I attained a copy of a friends first big novel. I was so excited for her, until I read the first chapter. I found about 25 copywriting mistakes in the first 5 pages. I couldn’t believe she had gotten a six-figure advance only to have the production staff let multiple mistakes obscure her great story. There they were in black and white in front of me. And the mistakes continued to the end of the book.

Mistakes have been a running theme in my life, most of my life, because I’m what most people would call a perfectionist. Some would attribute this to being a Virgo. Who knows? I do strive toward perfection, always. The difference in me today, rather than 10 years ago, is that I’m a lot nicer to myself about mistakes I so often make. I try not to make excuses about these mistakes, but choose to use the advice of a close friend:

When you realize you have made a mistake, quickly apologize to all those involved and correct the error immediately!

The above advice is the best anyone can do and exactly what the people at the Oscars 2017 did last night. They remedied the problem quickly, apologized, and corrected the error. Yes, this #Oscar_mishap_mistake will be talked about for a long time, but my hope is that people will learn to be a little more compassionate today about their own mistakes in life. I know I will in my own life.

I encourage anyone in the seat of judging talent to realize that most people watching artists are much more interested in the emotional impact these artist garner than their mistakes. A fragile young talent who isn’t afraid to let her voice crack or to sing off pitch to get to the deepest source of emotion is much more apt to win a singing competition than the person who is stellar, on-point, and without mistakes. You can count on it in every final results show from these kinds of talent competitions (America’s Got Talent, The Voice, American Idol, etc.)

Check back at all the final competitions. Most of the singers who have become stars were cut from the show before the end. The actual winners, often able to connect with the hearts of more Americans, would not be able to live up to the high demands of becoming a star.

I come back to my first thought: Why do we have memorable mistakes like this? Why do we often end up watching comedic televisions shows derived from errors made on live television? Because:

When all is said and done, mistakes are simply a part of life, a necessary one to learn the hard lessons of being human!


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