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When you listen to the news everyday to hear the latest version of Oscar Pistorius’ almost culpable homicide, it’s as if you’re reading a good murder mystery. The secret to keeping you interested are the twists and turns of the daily progress of the story and trying to guess what actually happened on that dark night when the beautiful Reeva was shot.

When a writer begins his/her journey penning a mystery of any kind, the author must constantly keep you wondering with plot twists and turns. But, even that won’t keep most of us holding onto that book. We need to be able to be sympathetic to one or more of the characters. Who couldn’t feel some compassion for a man with two prosthetic legs? The caring is built right into the plot. This is the same secret to writing a good novel. For example…

“Shoot the bastard once in the head and cut off his fourth finger. I want the finger and that wedding ring,” the boss had demanded. “And do it this afternoon before the lunch shift leaves.”

Killing Gio reeked of the foulest form of betrayal. Not because murder was depraved—everybody had to die some time. But Gio was family.

A trembling hand twisted the silencer onto the 9mm; a sleeve caught the sweat dripping from a solemn face. No subterfuge was required to gain access. Gio had undeniable trust and faith in the one assigned to this perfect murder.

Pistol concealed within a roomy linen blazer, a confused shadow of a person, riddled with guilt, walked down the hall toward Gio—hand steady—forcing each reluctant footstep forward.

Gio sat in the conference room in the subbasement level of Trattoria, the restaurant he owned since the death of his father, seven years ago. One entrance existed to this level, and only three people had the key. Gio trusted them all.

“Shoot him from behind, and he’ll never suspect a thing,” the boss had instructed. “He’ll just fall asleep. That’s it. Nothing else. No more pain. Just relief.”

The perfect way to die.

One last favor to Gio.

A glance at the new Rolex. The lunch-shift bartender would leave at 5:00, in less than fifteen minutes. One stop left, the doorway of the conference room.

Gio turned at the slight sound and grinned cheerfully. “Hey, you want to sign this card for my sister?” A large gift wrapped in shiny gold paper lay on the table. “It’s from everyone at the restaurant. Maybe it will cheer her up.”

“What did you buy the princess this time?”

Gio always thought his sister could do no wrong. He leaned forward in his high back, leather chair bearing a smug smile. “You know how everyone says she looks like a young Jacky O?”

“I don’t think so.” The assassin leaned against the doorjamb, now unable to hide a clear distaste for little Miss Deputy Attorney General.

“That’s okay.” Gio’s voice lost its vigor. “You don’t have to sign it.”

The trigger still felt cold from the gun having been hidden in the restaurant’s meat freezer. “No, finish. I’ll sign it.”

“Don’t force yourself.” Gio turned back to the table.

How perfect.

While Gio signed the sympathy card, the assassin took aim, steadying the gun hand, and squeezing the trigger.

In a millisecond it was done.

Gio’s brains drizzled onto the wall as if from an out-of-control painter with a spray gun. Flecks of blood sprayed the shooter’s face. Gio’s blood splattered over the table, seeped to the edge, then trickled a drop at a time to a growing puddle on the floor.

As Gio’s skull emptied onto Mary Elisabeth’s card and gift, the murderer gagged and spat, fighting a sudden wrenching pain deep within.

Gio’s head smashed to the floor; his limp, lifeless body followed.

No, he never suspected a thing.

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